Wondering Where To Kiss A Girl? 11 Hotspots To Drive Her Crazy

"Girls are very easy to understand and decode", said no man ever. Every girl is unique and has different requirements to satisfy them in bed. Since they like to keep their secrets within themselves and keep up the suspense for their guys, men have to go for trial and error method to find the hotspots in the warm and beautiful body of their partners. When it comes to giving intense and erotic pleasure to girls, all men agree nothing works as good as their mouths.


They can kiss, lick, suck, nibble, and even place a tickling bite to send waves of sexual pleasure. A simple kiss on the right hotspot can give your girl goosebumps and chills through the spine. As a matter of fact, a passionate kiss can make your girl have a strong orgasm and make her shivers with heavenly delight. Here are the 11 sensitive spots on the sensuous body of a girl where you can plant a passionate kiss and drive her crazy like there is no tomorrow!


Where To Kiss A Girl? Get the Answers Below


1. Forehead and Eyelids Combo


Instead of planting the first kiss on her lips and go deeper, it is better to start by kissing her forehead and slowly move to her eyelids. It is very loving and sensuous and it prepares her for a long and passionate kiss on her lips. A girl on the eyelids can send a shiver down her spine in the anticipation of what is coming up and scientifically speaking, there are various nerve endings on the eyelids that can do wonders for your girl. 

2. Cheeks and Earlobes 


A kiss on the cheeks is considered to be the sweetest of all kisses. A cheek kiss must be soft and gentle and most of the girls get aroused when it is slow. You can whisper a few sweet nothings and nibble her earlobes.  It can also be something dirty to spice up her mood and prepare her before you seal for her lips. 


3. Lips and Deeper



Lip kisses are considered to be the most passionate kisses of them all. The first lip kiss, if done properly, can give a girl a mild orgasm. Lips are one of the most sensual parts of a girl's body and need to be handled with care. It can be a smooch, a French kiss, and even an erotic tongue action. A good lip kiss is always a turn on for every girl and if you can get her hooked, your hand can run anywhere to double the pleasure. 


4. Neck – The Effective Spot


A kiss on the neck is sure to give your girl goosebumps. The neck is the most erotic part of a girl's body that remains exposed. You can start with gentle kissing and slowly turn it into gentle sucking. It will make her moan in extreme pleasure that she never experienced before. 


5. Nape Of The Neck


The nape of the neck is an ideal spot to start kissing when you are hugging your partner from the back. It is extremely sensuous and you can soon earn the freedom to run your hand on any part of her body and drive her totally crazy. As the nape of the neck is connected to the spine, it will send chills down her spine almost every single time. 


6. Collarbone and Down


Even though collarbone is not as sensitive as other spots mentioned on the list but the fact that it is quite close to the bosom or breast of a girl makes her high on anticipation. You should definitely move down and kiss on the exposed area above her bosom and even on the exposed cleavage. If she wants you to go down and explore her bosom, she will pull your hair downward unconsciously. Furthermore, if she is giving out soft moans, that too is a positive signal to go the full way. 


7. Bare Back


In most of the love making scenes in movies, you must have seen actors kissing the bare back of the actresses and driving them crazy. It is true in reality as well and it is one of the sensuous and intimate moves you can do without getting dirty. You can arouse your girl to open up completely to you just by kissing on her spine and running your hand on her bare back. 


8. Bosom, Ribs, and Waist Combo


All men love bosom and that is exactly why most of them go crazy when they get to kiss the bosom of their partner. It has to be handled with care not to turn her off completely. You need to kiss on the erotic spots only and preserve your kisses for her ribs, waist and belly button too. Go slow and don't spend half an hour on bosom making both of you completely exhausting without doing any good for your partner.


9. Inner Things


Inner things are very sensitive for girls. Kissing on inner things means you have full control of her body and she is completely soaked in deep and sensual pleasure. Make it as slow and passionate as you can her mind will be bursting in ecstasy anticipating the spot where you are ultimately going to kiss. Try a few nibbles and make her go wild on you.

10. Hips


Hips are generally the most ignored part of men when it comes to kissing. But hips are as sensitive as inner things and girls secretly enjoy getting their hips kissed and pampered. It is totally sexy rather than dirty. 


11. The Hidden Spot 


The moment a guy gets access to the center of a girl's physical pleasure, they start licking and sucking just like bosoms. The vagina is the most erotic spot on a girl's body and you have to be gentle to make her feel every move you make. It is a fact that a few good kisses in the right spot on the vagina are enough to give her the strongest orgasm ever. 



Don't be desperate to try out all of them in a day. Take your time and plan it out. There are different types of kisses practiced around the world that you can try out too to bring variety. The more time you invest, the better will be the return. Enjoy…!!



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