20 Different Types of kisses practiced around the whole World

Kisses are the act of showing love, care, and affection. It can be a magical experience of your life. A particular kiss offers a special connection to the other person and it can be of many types and can convey different meanings. It can be a friendly kiss or kiss for warm greeting or to show your passion. Here are some of the most popular types of kisses in the whole world.

1. Forehead Kiss

It is a gentle kiss on the forehead to show your partner affection you feel for him or her.

2. Eskimos Kiss

This was kiss practiced by Eskimos and is done by rubbing nose forth and back.

3. Kiss On hand

The kissing on your partner’s hand shows Your passion and admiration towards him or her.

4. French Kiss

A kiss that involves so much tongue action and is very tough to master. It shows the emotional attachment between the two.

5.Butterfly Kiss

This kiss is practiced by physically connecting your eyelashes with your partner while kissing.

6. Neck kiss

A gentle kiss on neck shows more affection, intimacy, and eroticism.

7. Secret Message kiss

This is a kiss practiced to send erotic messages while kissing each other and specifically for people who are very close.

8. Jawline Kiss

Kiss on the jaw line is another erotic kiss and a basic step towards getting intimate.

9. Earlobe kiss

This is a gentle kiss on the ear or earlobes and known to be most romantic and intimate kiss.

10. Lizard kiss

This is a type of passionate kiss in which tongue goes into other’s mouth with quick strokes.

11. Lingering Kiss

A lingering kiss entails a lot about the single-lip kiss for a long span of time.

12. Lipstick Kiss

As the name implies the girl puts lipstick on and kisses her partner in this types of kisses.

13. Cheek kiss

This can be a short peck on the cheek with a combination of arms embrace. It’s kind of hello or goodbye in some cultures.

14. Air kiss

It is a kiss that is given in the air instead of cheeks and extreme famous between the celebrities.

15. Single-Lip Kiss

It is a kiss where one suck and sandwich one’s lip between other’s at the same time.

16. Seductive kiss

It’s a kiss to win someone’s heart or to seduce them. It’s much like French kiss with open mouth.

17. Vampire kiss

It’s a deep kiss on the neck and includes sucking and biting. It’s just another type of seductive kiss.

18. Smooch

It’s a basic type of kiss which is used for showing affection and lasts for very few time.

19. Erotic Kiss

This is perfectly suitable for the romantic lovers and kind of seductive kiss which acts as foreplay.

20. Teasing kiss

This is a kiss that can last for so long. This kiss is for tease your partner while exploring their body through your lips.

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