19 Good Old 90s Cartoon Shows that we absolutely loved as kids!


Ah! those were the days when we waited eagerly for that last ring of the bell, just to rush back from school and turn on the Tv. Be it to catch all the action from Swat Cats, watch the mayhem that The Mask caused or even indulge in some girl-powered Powerpuff Girls! Gone are the days when we would obsess over one show after another! Let's take a walk down the memory lane, to take a look at those irreplaceable cartoons we once skipped assignments for!




1. Tom & Jerry



Who can ever forget the eternal chase between the Tom & Jerry, Jerry & the cheese and on occasions Spike joining the party with his little son, Tyke! Not to mention Tom's enchanting ways with the lady cats!




2. Dexter's Laboratory



Remember this little genius with his red lump of undercut hair and his mischievous sister, Dee-Dee? On occasion, the evil genius Mandark poses a threat to Dexter's genius, which he overcomes with great difficulty!




3. Popeye – the sailor man



The adventures of Popeye, the sailor and his lady-love, Olive Oyl along with his kid Swee'Pee, the ever-so-persistent Brutus who was always behind Olive! Not to forget his little pet from the 4th dimension, the Jeep! Nobody taught us the benefits of eating spinach better than Popeye!




4. Scooby-Doo



The Mystery machine! Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, Velma and Scooby's cousin Scrappy-Doo. Those were the days when we all sat in awe as the gang solved mystery after mystery, and eventually showing us that all the monsters were just people out to scare us!




5. The Powerpuff Girls



The show that revolved around 3 girls that were born with superpowers out of Prof. Utonium's mistake! Their never-ending battle with Mojo-jo-jo, a biologically enhanced monkey, the useless mayor with that secretary of his whose face we never saw (except for once?). Good times!




6. Swat Cats



Swat Cats was the most badass show, after Dragon Ball Z! cheeky The mechanic cats that took on the bad guys flaunted planes, bikes, cars and even Batman-like gadgets!




7. The Flintstones



The Flintstones family, living in an ancient pre-historic world with pet dinosaurs, yet they had everything that the modern world did back then!




8. Noddy (& the whole Tiny Tv)



This one was a Pogo channel special. The whole Tiny Tv shows consisted of fun shows like Noddy, Oswald, Baby Looney Tunes, Thomas the train & Pingu!




9. Johnny Bravo



HA! Hiya! Our first flirting lessons were given by none other that the handsome yet always single, Johnny Bravo! His obsession with his looks was unmatched, yet somehow he ended up being dumped after every single show!




10. Dragon Ball Z



It began with the pumped up music! The adventures of the simpleton Goku, Vegeta, Krillin (meh!), the legendary Trunks and others! We sat through every prolonged battle and the unnecessary sledding that went on, for it was worth the action that came after! Not saying the new Dragon Ball Super isn't good, but this show had to make it to the 90s list!




11. Richie Rich



The boy who had it all, in his pockets (literally everything that he wanted was in his pockets)! Nevertheless, this was one show that made us want to be filthy rich! Hell, he even got that gorgeous redhead to be his girlfriend!




12. Ed, Edd n Eddy



To this day, the debate about the gender of one Eddy. Was is a beanie? was it his/her hair? Or was it a boy that gave us so much fun through our childhood? (Look it up on Wikipedia for your answer). Nevertheless, the 3 Eds gave us hours and hours of fun!




13. The Mask



That moment when the modest and shy Stanley Ipkiss wears that mask he found one day, and becomes the eccentric Mask! Although impossible, this show was the deal back then! Every single one of us wanted THAT MASK!




14. The Looney Tunes



"Erm, Wassup doc?" Bugs Bunny's signature line! Along with Bugs came Sylvester and Tweety mysteries, with the Granny detective solving away her cases while Sylvester and Tweety were engaged in a Tom & Jerry-like chase! Then came the Road-Runner show! We all felt so bad for Wile E. Coyote! Guess we liked Tv shows that had a lot of chasing but no catching!




15. The Addams Family



This is the weirdest show on Tv, ever! Dark characters, dark yet super funny story, with weird worms and all that! Uncle Fester (the baldy) was the most fun of all!




16. Aladdin



Everybody loved the Genie, for he could grant you wishes, he could mono act, he could be anybody he wanted, basically, the show had to be named Genie! Nevertheless, it was poor Aladdin's wonderful quest for his lady love, Jasmine!




17. The Jetsons



This one was the opposite of the Flintstones! They have their homes in the clouds, flying cars, drones, robot-police, mobile phones, flying cars, you name it!




18. Thundercats



The mighty Lion-O and Cheetara, part of the fleeing humanoid cat race, were a great sight to behold when then unleashed their full wrath against the enemies. Also, the call of the sword of Omens that summoned all the cats was something that we all cherished!




19. Courage the Cowardly Dog!



In the middle of Nowhere, where Courage (the most cowardly dog ever) lived with his masters, an old couple – Eustace & Muriel. They were constantly troubled by weird monsters and visitors from outer space and it always had to be this "STUPID DOG" to rescue them.



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