25 of the Best WhatsApp DP From The Latest Collection

Since the inception of the internet, sending and receiving messages regardless of the distance became a walk in the park. Facebook cover photos, adding temporary story in Snapchat and changing WhatsApp DP is a common phenomenon in today's teenagers. There are about 1200 million monthly users of WhatsApp worldwide! More importantly, a person's Whatsapp profile picture/ Whatsapp wallpaper say a lot more that what the messages say. .


Apart from the partially complaint-like talk, in actuality, people can upload cute Dps, HD DPs as their profile pic to convey their message "clearly". Statistically speaking it is a known fact that most women like to talk in riddles and therefore are known to talk in these profile pic puzzles too. Let's find out what some of these pics mean and when they can be used. Dive in, there's one fo every type!



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1. Be your own hero


An inspirational picture is going to be a great WhatsApp DP. One that says, you have belief in yourself is just a pot of gold sitting there to be encashed.



2. Trying to stay afloat


When you are feeling empty and sad inside, all you have to do is think of the good things you have, to buoy yourself up.



3. Showing off your love for her/him


Do you love your S.O. so much that you just can't stop yourself from declaring to the world that you are in love? This WhatsApp DP is the best fit for you then.



4. Love for your father


It is always women that get a lot of attention from people all around the world for being the caregivers, while the tough dad seldom gets appreciation. Show him what he means to you with this Whatsapp DP.



5. Take them out and say it to them


If you want to say something to a lot of people after a fight, but don't wanna insult them to their face, this would be a good way to convey the hard message.



6. Love for your life


Everyone loves a person who is happy, and fun-loving while enjoying what he does. Put this up as your Whatsapp DP images to say to the world that you are one of them.



7. When you find it tough to say goodbye


It is always a hard thing to say goodbye to someone you have cherished and loved. If you ever find yourself in such a position, use this picture to convey it.



8. One for the women!


It often happens that people judge a woman, by her domain picture, and this one can surely deter those who are out there "fishing for hotties".



9. Never say never and stay on focus


There are two things that can eventually guarantee your success in life. On thing is that you need focus and have to keep on working on it and the other is the determination and the never give up attitude to keep picking yourself up even when you fail.



10. The inspiration to become an inspiration


Everybody needs a little push to go from hopeless to super inspirational. Some of them also reads sympathy quotes. Well, this could be yours or someone else who reads it, put it up!



11. A shout out to your friends


They say that friends are those who stand by your side when your family has disbanded you. Put this picture up as your WhatsApp DP to show then what a great life you have had 'cause of them.



12. Love for partying


If you love partying and want to shout out to the world that you do, just put this up and they'll know your story!



13. Only two moments


This one here shows your love to your beloved, that there are just two moments that they want to spend with you and that encompasses an entire lifetime!



14. Attitude is all that matters


There are no good days or bad days, but your attitude towards the day defines what kind of day you will be having!



15. The stunned boss DP


If you're ever fed up with everything around you, stick cartoons have every emotion that you can possibly have. This cute DP was one of the most used Whatsapp images with over 50 million users expressing themselves.



16. The lover boy 


Girls go head over heels for guys who express their love for them. This one captures that emotion perfectly! Use this picture to say that you love her!



17. A funny 'bad' minion 


A hilarious way to say that you're bad, or rather loopy really! But everyone loves the cute little yellow monsters from Despicable Me!



18. Break your own walls


It is true that you are your own limiting factor, and you are the only one who can break that barrier and push through. Inspire yourself and others with this Whatsapp DP.



19. 'The keep calm and wait' DP


It so happens that sometimes you have a lot of options to choose from and you "need some time to make your choice". That's when this DP comes in handy!



20. The proudly single profile picture 


This one is for all those guys and girls who are single and are fed up of answering the "are you still single? Why?" questions. However, being single is a blessing in disguise as they cultivate surprising habits in themselves.



21. The sad Mickey


One of the best domain pics to express that you aren't all happy as you seem to the world.



22. Exam DP!


This one is for those times when telling your cllers that you just can't talk to them now, for obvious reasons!



23. Math problem


One for the nerdily romantic couple. An adorable way of sying that you like her/him.




24. Bruce's words, or not!


Any strong, inspiring quote scrolled next to Bruce Lee has got to fire you up for life.



25. The buttering that your wife deserves


If anyone knows anything about having a wife, she needs to see things like these, for then she will have a few treats when you get back home!



That concludes our eclectic list of Whatsapp DPs, make a choice, and let us know how it worked out for you. Leave a comment or reaction below.



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