13 Most Hottest Weather Girls Who Make Weather Reporting Spicy!

In today's world, everyone has a weather app installed on their smartphones. Yet, there is always a TRP spike every time new channels broadcast weather update. The reason is due to the weather girls or female anchors to present the weather report to the viewers.

Most of the weather girls are models by profession with huge followers on Instagram, and hence, they have a curvy and sensual figure that men just cannot take their eyes off. They have the ability to turn the temperature up and make the boring show interesting. Here are the most popular and hottest weather girls around the world.



Check Out The Most Hottest Weather Girls


1. Yanet Garcia


Country – Mexico

She is the most popular and considered to be the hottest weather girl of them all. She is merely 25 years and a model by profession. She has over 5 million followers on Instagram and compared to Kim Kardashian in terms of body curves.


2. Lluvia Carrillo


Country – Mexico

She is another model who has earned a reputation for her beauty and went viral due to weather report in the most watched channel in Mexico. She is also a model by profession and also hosts different TV shows. She has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.


3. Cristina Blackwell


Country – Mexico

Look like Mexico is the producer of all the hottest weather girls in the world. She currently works for US TV channels. She is an internet sensation and a part-time model. 


4. Susana Almeida


Country – Italy

She is merely 19 years old and puts on ridiculous tight dresses that are very much revealing while representing weather report for a local channel. The channel has got popularity only due to her presence, and it is fast becoming a viral sensation on social media channels in Italy.


5. Marilu Kaufman


Country – Canada

She only comes as a weather report on weekend days and set fire to the TV sets as she puts on see-through dresses. The TV channels claim that she draws a lot of international views as well. 


6. Vania Manzano


Country – Mexico

She keeps a very low profile and does not like too much attention, and this is why the hype around her is so much. She works for a local TV channel as a full-time job and pulls in huge viewership every time she appears as a weather girl as well as an interviewer. 

7. Magda Palimariu 


Country – Romania

She is a model who came into weather reporting just for money as she was offered a huge deal to be a weather girl. She is a popular celebrity in Romania and has a massive following on social media channels. 

8. Elita Loresca


Country – Philippines

She is an educated broadcast journalist on meteorology department. She has worked on various channels before landing in the Texas, US. She is popular for her appearance especially her assets and skin tight dresses. She is married and has children yet young guns, and married men are crazy for her.


9. Jackie Guerrido


Country – Puerto Rico

She is a graduate on meteorology and works as a meteorologist consultant for local channels. Currently, she has shifted in Florida and work as a weather girl for national channels. 

10. Shibani Dandekar


Country – India

Though she does not report weather currently for any channel, she started her career as a weather girl. She then became a popular anchor for IPL tournament. Currently, she is into modeling where she is becoming extremely popular with smoking hot photoshoot

11. Irene Sans


Country – America 

She is different from other on the list due to the fact that she is actually an expert in meteorology and she represents weather report only as a hobby. She also gives lectures at various colleges and universities as a guest lecturer. 


12. Evelyn Taft


Country – America

She is popularly called as the California girl. She is actually a Russian by birth, but her family moved to Los Angeles. She has major curves, and she is extremely popular in her country. She is a TV anchor by profession.


13. Ximena Cordoba


Country – Columbia

She is a part-time actress and works with various TV channels as she is a crowd puller wherever she goes. She is 37 years, and the craze around her has not died about yet. She has her unique way of presenting weather report that people find entertaining. 


No wonders why most of the news channels only have beautiful female anchors so that they can get more views and outshine their competitors. 

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