A Complete Guide to Spider Bite Piercing Before You Go For it

A popular fashion trend in body piercing that everyone is highly preferring is lip piercing after cartilage piercing. Rather than doing lip job, people are daring to pierce their lips and embed jewelry uniquely to add beauty and attract eyes. Just like other body piercing type, lips piercing has different stylish forms starting from Labret(lower lips) and Monroe(upper lips) to Medusa(center) to Dahlia(sides).

Among them, spider bite piercing stands out where two pieces of small and identical jewelry are placed close to each other. If you think tattooing is too mainstream, here are all the information you need to do lip piercing and show it off in the crowd. 



A Complete Guide to Spider Bite Piercing


What Exactly Is Spider Bite Piercing?


It is believed that when a deadly spider bites on a human skin, it leaves two round marks. Inspired from that, spider bite piercing is done by piercing two holes in any part above or below the lips, and two circular barbells jewelry made of silver or stainless steel are embedded.

It is ideally done on the left corner of the lower lip and mostly by women. It is preferred to be one piercing at a time, so the chances of infections and other problems reduce. 


Spider Bite Piercing Procedure 


Always prefer to do piercing for a well-known and established studio. Get proper briefing and clarify all the doubts. Ideally, the area where you would do the piercing is marked with a surgical marker, and the entire area is sterilized. Clamps are placed on the lips to hold them tight and reduce pain.

The needle that pierces the skin, the jewelry is attached to it so that it gets embedded as the needle comes out. Get proper aftercare briefing before leaving. It is slightly painful, but most of the pain will be felt during the healing period. 


Possible Compliations After Spider Bite Piercing



Just like with every piercing, there are high chances of infections. You should have proper medication to handle it, and it is a short term impact. Another short term complication can be allergic reaction especially due to the jewelry present. Scarring and bleeding are normal as long as they get over in a few days. Swelling of lips and gums could make your stay at home for a few days to a week.

The entire healing process takes 1 to 3 months. Rejection of the jewelry from the skin could be the worst case scenario. But all the above complications depend on how smooth the lip piercing was done by the piercer and how you take proper aftercare.


Spider Bite Piercing – Aftercare



  • Avoid drinking water for the first three hours after piercing. Do not talk or do any movement of your lips. 
  • Avoid eating for 12 hours because eating needs a lot of movement of lips which could lead to rejection of the jewelry.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for the next one month as smoke and alcohol can burn the place and turn things worse. 
  • Do not touch the spot with bare hands to avoid infection. Always wear gloves and sterilize before touching. Furthermore, do not touch it frequently. 
  • Do not eat spicy food for a month and never touch it with hand with which you have touch spices. 
  • Avoid giving oral pleasure or kissing. Take care during sneezing and yawning and during bathing so that soap bubbles do not come near it. Avoid taking bath in swimming pools or beaches.
  • You should do saline soak twice a day with sanitized brush or cotton balls. You can also try the antibacterial solution. 
  • Always keep your mouth germ free with sanitizer and warm water. 
  • You can eat frozen things more often like ice cream, cold drinks, cold food because it helps in faster healing. 


Types Of Spider Lip Pierce


1. Traditional Spider Lip Piercing



Silver or stainless steel jewelry containing two circular barbells is placed on the left corner of the lower lip. 


2. Double Spider Lip Pierce



Along with left lower corner, two circular barbells are placed on the right corner of the lower lip. 


3. Traditional Ring Spider Lip Pierce



Instead of barbells, rings are used which contain one barbell each. It needs deeper piercing and hurt more than usual. The barbells on the rings can be pointing up or down(most preferred). 


4. Quadruple Ring Spider Lip Pierce



As you can see, it will have a double open-ended ring, and each ring has two barbells which will be pointing out.


5. Contrasting Spider Lip Pierce



Double piercing is done, but the barbells are of contrasting colors. Another variant that is becoming popular is that the circular barbells will point out of the pierced place.


6. Parallelogram Spider Lip Pierce



It is a modified form of double piercing where the second piercing is one on the lips at an angle to the previous one. Thus, it forms a perfect Parallelogram.

If you have come across any other form of spider bite piercing, do let us know with the description in the comment section. Now a days people are also going crazy for zodiac piercing, which is now in fashion trend.




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