17 of the Most Stylish Cartilage Piercings


Although piercing had been around since times immemorial in those societies where it's importance to the human body was known, it has now become an element of fashion. While a normal skin and flesh piercing can be done with a piercing gun, a cartilage piercing needs to be done with a needle by an expert. This expert then gives advice on the dos and don'ts to be followed after the procedure. After the piercing, the soreness can be warded off by using various at-home remedies. The cartilage piercing healing takes some time, but the end result makes it worth the pain. There are no specific cartilage earrings, but there are those that ease the pain. Also, there are specific instructions on 'how to change cartilage piercing, but that is a lesson for a different day. Now, with that brief intro out of the way, take a look at the most stylish and attractive of the piercing types.



Take a look at these types of cartilage piercings


1. Ear Weaving Piercing



This is one of the most attractive looking piercings. As the name hints, the spiral earring is woven spirally on the outer ear. As you might have guessed already, this needs multiple piercings to be done on the desired location. This type adds a unique style to your pierced ear.



2. Auricle Piercing



The auricle piercing is bang in the middle of the ear-rim. Getting this part pierced is somewhat painful as it has a lot of nerve endings, but the stylish result afterward makes it worth enduring the tiny pain that ensues.



3. Daith Piercing



This one involves getting the inner-most folding of your ears punctured. The piercing pain is minimal and the result is obviously attractive. It is said to relieve chronic migraines, but that kind of piercing requires an expert to locate your exact migraine location.



4. Helix Piercing



Probably the most popular amongst all teenagers out there, the helix piercing is carving out a hole on the upper part of the ear-rim. It is just one of the many upper ear piercing styles and is one that oozes the hot factor!



5. Forward Helix Piercing



This one involves getting your cartilage pierced on the end that is fixed to the ear. Helix earrings are used to embellish this type of piercing too. Although this known to be a less popular option than the helix piercing, it makes your ear look that much more unique and noticeable.



6. Industrial Piercing



Also called the scaffold piercing, this one involves getting two holes punctured through the upper ear that allow a horizontal ornament to pass through. This, in our opinion, is one of the most bad ass piercings ever to have been done!



7. Tragus Piercing



Tragus is the small pointy piece of cartilage sticking out of the face, where the ear begins. Although this part is more susceptible to infection and irritation, when decorated with a suitable ear stud, looks absolutely stunning. Nevertheless, a less considered option, this one.



8. Anti-tragus Piercing



The adjacent cartilage of the tragus is pierced in this kind of piercing. Although not very popular, it will be a unique and a more stylish option while opting for a pierced ear.



9. Rook Piercing



This one needs two separate cartilages to be pierced, on the upper part of the inner ear. It can be embellished with a barbell stud and looks brilliant when done right. And by right we mean that it needs to be done cautiously by the hands of an expert. 



10. Orbital Piercing



This is something similar to industrial piercing, except that the holes punctured do not form a horizontal, but are close to each other. A ring or a heart shaped earring is most favored for this type of piercing.



11. Conch Piercing



One of the lesser known and more painful of the cartilage piercings the hole is made on the indentation of the ear. There are two types of conch piercings, the inner conch, and the outer conch piercings. Some of them even say that conch piercing is a cure for asthma! 



12. Snug Piercing



One of the most stylish cartilage piercings is the anti-helix or the snug piercing. It needs 2 holes to be punctured across the middle of the bigger ear fold. This one too needs the care of an expert while getting it done!



13. Transverse Lobe Piercing



Although this one cannot be listed under the cartilage piercing umbrella, it is a unique and brilliant type of ear embellishment. The bottom of the ear lobe is pierced horizontally where a barbell earring can be used. The angle of piercing, however, is left to the choice of the one getting it done.



14. Nostril Piercing



It is a must in the Indian and Nepalese cultures for the women to have their noses pierced. This is in direct connection with easing the pain endured during labor. Nostril piercing is the most common and we must say the most beautiful nose piercing type.



15. Septum Piercing



This is one of the hottest piercings around. The septum deviation of the ear, filled with cartilage is pierced and a ring-half ring passes through the perforation, giving you the raging bull look.



16. Triple Nostril Piercing



This is fast catching up as the norm among piercing enthusiasts. It involves having 3 piercings near the crease of the nose. This one has to be done rather cautiously, not affecting the tender nerves around the crease. The patterns that are created can be embellished with studs.


17. Nasallang Piercing



One of the most adventurous and painful types of piercing is the nasallang piercing. It involves getting the two nostrils and the septum of the nose in the way of the piercing needle. Never mind the pain, a barbell nose ring makes it look that much more attractive!


That ends the list of stylish cartilage piercings, involving the ear and the nose. Do let us know what you think of the types listed above in the comments section, alternatively, you can leave a reaction using the react-buttons. 




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