These are the 13 Sexiest Movies of All Time


When it comes to portraying love on the screen, nobody does it better than our good folk at Holywood. Sometimes it seems over the top, but the outcome almost always leaves us in an elated state of mind, if you catch my drift here! So we've made a list of such movies that you just can't miss if you want to quell your raging hormones!



1. Dirty Dancing



Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey take the top spot with dirty dancing, with their in-sync pelvic thrusts and other sensual dance moves to woo the audience.



2. Little Children



Patrick Wilson and the Titanic beauty Kate Winslet do it in the laundry room! And that's not all, there's some realistic action going on in there, careful when you watch this one with the kids.



3. Cruel Intentions



We think that the name is a dead giveaway. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe set the screen on fire with their intimate scenes and also there's Sarah Michelle Gellar and her hotness to bear along with the beautiful Selma Blair.



4. Mulholland Drive



Like some girl-on-girl action, then this movie has it! Laura Harring and Naomi Watts turn the heat on screen with their erotic, darkly comic, mystery story set in the city of Los Angeles.



5. Savages



Blake Lively is a tremendously beautiful woman and put her on screen with Tim Higgins and add some spice to it, and you got yourself Savages.That bathtub scene is one to die for.



6. Risky Business



Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay indulge in what can be called some seriously hot action. There is a fair amount of caressing, and to top it they are in an empty train!



7. Ghost



Patrick Swayze's second feature in the list. In the 1990 movie, he plays Demi Moore's love interest who comes back in spirit form to make love with the American beauty.



8. The Lucky One



The outdoor shower scene in this movie, which has Zac Effron (the beefed up one) and Taylor Schilling sets temperatures soaring and so high in the end that we'd need a bath ourselves.



9. Match Point



Who doesn't love Scarlett Johansson? Not us. Put her together with Jonathan Rhys Meyers in an apartment wrecking sex scene and you have yourself drooling over her for ages to come. 



10. Unfaithful



As the name suggests there'd have to be a lot of unfaithfulnesses and by that, we mean illicit affairs and their portrayal in this movie. And there are, thanks to Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez doing it in a public restroom and stuff!



11. Body Heat



Kathleen Turner and William Hurt take it several notches higher with this sweaty, wet, steamy Floridan sex-fest. 



12. Fifty Shades of Grey



How can anyone make a list of movies with steamy hot sex scenes and forget Fifty Shades of Grey? Highly unlikely. The main issue with this movie though is that almost the entire movie is filled with them sex scenes, go bananas!



13. Love and other Drugs



Handsome Jake Gyllenhaal and insanely hot Anne Hathaway indulge in what can only be justified by the words, aggressively doing it! What's more is that there is ample nudity in the form of Jake's behind and Anne's upper body!



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