13 Creepy Horror Movies That Are Based On Real Life Events

Do watching creepy horror movies give you nightmares? Watching a horror movie sitting on your sofa at midnight is scary, but what makes it scarier is knowing that it is based on a true incident. There are many who do not get scared of horror movies because they think that it is just a fictional story of a writer.

But when you put yourself in the shoes of the real sufferers portrayed in the movie, it is sure you freak you out and leave you with goosebumps. Check out the most popular horror movies in the world which are based on real-life events.



1. The Exorcist



The movie is based on a book which was based on the real life of a boy named Roland Doe, who was encountered being possessed by demons in the year 1949. It was so scary that there have also been books written on persons who had witnessed it.


2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre



The movie is based on America's all-time infamous serial killer, Ed Gein who actually had about nine real human skin masks with him at the time of his arrest. This is truly spooky.


3. Child's Play



The script of the story was based on a nurse who reportedly put a 'voodoo' curse on the author, Robert Eugene Otto who actually transformed one of his dolls into a nighttime menace. We have seen such scary movies, but knowing it is true, comes out to be spooky!


4. The Amityville Horror



This movie is based on the true events that took place in the year 1975 at 112, Ocean Avenue, which was the new house of Lutz family, in Amityville. This has really been a popular case with paranormal researchers.


5. The Conjuring



Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren are real-life paranormal researchers and investigators who claim to have witnessed a possession. Many incidents from this movie have also been shot in real life!


6. Deranged



Love movies where someone keeps the dead body even after death? This is for you. The story is inspired by the crime

stories and life of Ed Gein, the famous serial killer.


7. The Haunting in Connecticut



The plot here is not new, you buy a home, and it turns out to be a funeral place of someone. The thing special about this movie is that Al and Carmen Snedeker who actually had their house over a funeral place in real life.


8. Entity



Paranormal investigators, Kerry Gaynor, and Barry Taff witnessed a place where they actually saw moving objects. The movie is based on this same incident.


9. The Possession



The movie is actually based on the haunted Dybbuk box story, which was actually real. Whoever bought that particular box, faced its consequences. Several owners of those boxes reported strange and paranormal things happening to them.


10. Eaten Alive



The script is taken from a man named Joe Ball, who killed around twenty men and women and watched the alligators feed on them. What makes it special is that it was actually true.


11. Fire In The Sky



Do you know how it feels to be captured by aliens and placed in a cocoon around other corpses from earth? Travis Walton alleges that aliens had captured him. The story revolves around the same incident.


12. Silent House



It is an independent creepy American movie about Uruguay. It also contains real-life scene footage in the movie itself. Funky, isn't it?


13. Annabelle



The opening of this movie is similar to that of The Conjuring. The story continues with the most fearful possessed doll there has ever been. It is also true, that those people who taunted the doll-faced near death or fatal accidents.


The next time you go for a horror movie, make sure you do some background check because most of the horror movies are inspired by real occurrence. The element of scariness will increase exponentially!




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