12 Unexpected Things That Will Surely Happen By 2050!

We can never tell what might happen in the next decades. But who does not like to speculate what will happen in near or distant future? The different events listed below are not speculation but sheer facts and whether you like it or not, they are sure to happen. It is always good when you know the future of mankind in advance so that you can keep yourself prepared and updated. The following 12 unexpected things are a certainty by 2050 and some of them are truly intriguing and powerful to change the face of the world. 


1. Appearance Of New Countries



Bougainville Island, in the Pacific Ocean, which is the Autonomous Region Papua New Guinea will separate into a new country in 2019. But it depends on whether the people will vote this separation or not.


2. Burj Khalifa Will Be The Second Tallest



By 2020, the construction of the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia will be finished, leaving Burj Khalifa behind. It will be 3,303 feet tall and will be proclaimed as the tallest building in the world.


3. Launch Of The First Space Hotel



Bigelow Aerospace has planned to launch a spacecraft which can act as a hotel for people from Earth. The spacecraft was successfully tested and was actually used by astronauts in the ISS, which was used as a storage room. It will be launched in 2020.


4. Another Exploration Of Mars



SpaceX, a company which was founded by Elon Musk is planning to launch cargo spaceships on Mars in 2024. They also want to send humans the next time.


5. Population In The Future



According to the United Nations' prediction, the population on Earth by 2025 will be about 8 billion. By the year 2050, it will be about 10 billion.


6. Inhabitable Venice



Venice might become inhabitable by 2050 because of the rise in the water level. It is just a prediction. It does not mean that Venice will completely drown, but living in houses will be impossible.


7. An Asteroid Will Come Close



By 2029, the Apophis asteroid will come near Earth. The distance will be about 23,860 miles from Earth. The chances of an asteroid colliding with Earth in 2029 was predicted to be 2.7%. 


8. Good Bye Arctic



The frozen Arctic region is melting continuously. Scientists predict that the Arctic region will completely melt by the end of the 21st century.


9. Mining In Antarctica



The Antarctic Treaty System states that no country owns Antarctica, so mining is totally prohibited in this continent. However, in 2048, the Treaty will be reconsidered and mining will be allowed in these areas.


10. Quantum Teleportation



Quantum teleportation will actually happen in Russia by 2035. It does not mean teleportation of objects but means to create a reliable system of communication which will help in transferring the polarized state of photons into space.


11. Research of the Alpha Centauri Star System



By 2036, the Breakthrough Starshot project will be sending several spaceships to the Alpha Centauri Star system. It will take about 20 years to reach there and 5 years for a response.


12. International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor In Action



By 2040, the IETR will be completely constructed. It was started in France in the year 2007, situated 40 miles away from Marseille. It is a lot safer than tradition nuclear reactors.

Which of these events excite you the most? What else do you think can happen for certain? Do let us know in the comment section. 


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