20 Brilliant Elon Musk Quotes That will Inspire You to Succeed


Elon Musk, who doesn't know that name? AS of today, the 45-year-old is the face of innovation! A South African-born Canadian-American entrepreneur and business magnate, Elon has been the,

  • Founder and CEO of SpaceX, an aerospace industry
  • Co-founder, product architect and CEO of Tesla Inc., an automotive industry
  • Co-founder and chairman of SolarCity, an energy storage industry
  • Co-founder of Zip2, a city-guide software
  • Co-founder of X.com which later became the payments service website, PayPal


Having achieved so much and founded so many successful ventures, one wonders how he got there. Aspiring entrepreneurs look up to him as the God of entrepreneurship itself, for he has been the defining entity in innovation and technology. And we have compiled a list of advice from the man himself, to serve you as a starting point.



1. The correlation between innovation and failure



Many many innovators have said this time and again. Failure always is and will be the stepping stone to something great provided that you don't give up.


2. The importance of things



Elon asks you to evaluate things and understand their importance. And if you feel that something is important it is an obligation to go for it.


3. About his exciting childhood 



Elon must have been a naughty yet inventive kid, for him to say that he is lucky to have his fingers!


4. The never give up attitude



Again a nod to the first quote, where 'not giving up' will eventually lead you to your destination.


5. Taking control of the situation



As long as you have full control of what is going to happen, placing all your bets on one chip is all right, says Elon who himself has taken huge risks and succeeded


6. His Mars dreams



This is probably his biggest dream. Placing humans on Mars, as he realizes how much we have destroyed our planet and need to leave it be for our own survival.


7. Knowing what you ar selling



It becomes imperative to know what exactly you are selling, in addition to the other three factors to create a successful business.


8. Belief is everything



A lot of positivity is needed to risk it all and wait for it to reap results. Take the leap of faith first, a well-assessed leap, and then come the odds of success.


9. Innovation and the awe that follows



This should essentially be the motto of every innovator out there. They should be aiming for exactly this. 


10. Negative feedback



Sometimes it allows you to perfect yourself and the thing you're working on.


11. Positive mindset



Nobody can stress this enough, it is all about having a positive mindset when you set foot outside.


12. Just about the right amount



To break it down to us, he uses a cake-baking analogy, genius!


13. Calculated risks



A brilliant example of a risk that bore golden fruits!


14. The need to be better



It isn't enough to just be innovative and create a pile of shit, but a better version of something needs to be made.


15. A risky business



Entrepreneurship isn't easy, you fall but you need the motivation to get back up.


16. Getting fixated 



Try to see things as they are, no less no more.


17. Does he have fear?



Yes, he does but in small quantities.


18. Following passions 



Tread carefully, but also follow your heart.


19. Quality over quantity 



It is always to have the right talent at the right position rather than a large number of people doing the wrong things.


20. Finally, a good heart matter 



Not only the right talent but people with a good heart matter too.



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