8 Weird Wedding Night Traditions In Different Countries

If you think that the wedding night tradition in your culture is weird, you need to see the bizarre first-night traditions across the globe. You may rather start liking yours and thank God that you did not get into such messy situation. Even though the wedding night is supposed to be completely for the newly married couple and hence called the first night, ironically, it happens to be a night of chaos and commotion with everyone around you.

No wonders, why wedding night might just turn out to be the worst living nightmare for those who cannot take jokes on the face value and laugh it off. Well, all you can do is blame it on your ancestors!



1. Nao Dongfang



Country: China

Chinese have a funny wedding night tradition which could be embarrassing for the newly married couple yet it is very entertaining. Sexual adult jokes are cracked by the relatives, and sensual games are played one of which is where the couple has to bite an apple together that is hung from a rope. When they were about to bite, the rope with apple is pulled back, and the couple ends up in a smooch. 


2. Virginity Test



Country: India

There is a weird tradition in India which is more based on superstition. White bedsheet and white pillow covers are used for the bed where the couple would be spending their first night. The next morning, if blood stains are found, then the ride is considered virginity, and given highest respect else she is slut-shamed

Another wedding night tradition is where the bride brings the groom a glass of milk and a pan to eat. Glass of milk will give him strength while paan will act as mouth freshener

3. Cheesy Tradition



Country: Scotland 

This is as embarrassing as it can get for a newlywed couple. The relatives of the couple spread cheese in the bed where the couple is supposed to spend the night. This is done so that the couple can use them for lubrication while having sexual intimacy and foreplay. 


4. Bedding Ritual 



Region – North European Countries

This is a bizarre wedding night ritual where a religious leader would come and purify the bed of the newly wed couple. Then the couple would have to engage in sexual acts in front of the relatives so that they can bear the witness that the marriage is finally complete. 


5. The Dirty Soup



Country: France

There is a disgusting wedding night tradition among certain French communities where the newlywed couple is made to drink soup throughout the night. The soul is presented in a toilet bowl, but the ingredients of soup are even dirty. It consists of leftover food and alcohol from the dinner by the various members present. 


6. The Noisy Night



Country: Canada and South Korea

There is a funny tradition among Canadians where guest appoints a band who play loud music throughout the night so that the couple does not fall asleep and stay awake and increase their intimacy out of frustration. Some also bang the door with pans and dishes. 


7. Elderly Involvement



Country: Africa

In some communities in Africa, an elderly and experienced person is appointed who sleeps with the couple. He makes them learn new techniques of sexual intimacy and maybe shows them by indulging himself.


8. Fishy Night 



Country: Korean

In Korea, there is a tradition of beating the groom with a dead fish. It is done to make the groom more confident and charge him up for the night. They are beaten on their feet which hurt the most and friends make him learn the steps to follow to provide maximum pleasure to the bride.


Well, these are just a handful of weird wedding night traditions, and there could be much more such weird, bizarre and interesting traditions and if you know about them, do share in the comment section. 



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