Surprising Relationship Trends That You Will Find Quite Strange

The relationship in today’s world is widely influenced by social media. This is because everyone wants to follow the current trends in the relationship that is going on all around the world without caring for their culture and value. Keeping love aside, it has become a thing to show off and following the trends makes a couple look modern and get traction. Here are some of the current relationship trends that will completely baffle you.

Couple Therapies –

Previously, the issues used to be sorted by the couple within closed doors and at best with the help of a mutual friend that both can trust. But now, there are experts available providing service to listen to the couple’s relationship issues and provide solution. It is more of counsellingĀ and it is difficult to judge whether it is a good thing or not. If the couple needs an external agent to solve things, it can be problematic in the future.

Fading Of Monogamy –

The young generation no more believes in sticking to one partner. What they believe is that if one is unhappy in a relationship, he should leave and find another one. They are reluctant to work on sorting the issue when there is an alternative available nearby. Moreover, there is lack of consistency and the same can be noticed in marriage. There is increased rate of divorce and second marriage.

Trying Out Different Options –

It is more observed these days among girls where you want to try out with other girls just for change and experiencing something different. Well, movies and web series are to be blamed to create such a mentality and it is becoming rampant. Not just that, making out three in a group and all such weird practices are becoming quite common.

Open Relationship –

This is the weirdest thing that can happen in a relationship. It is a mutual thing where two people in a relationship allow each other to try out others. There is no commitment but benefits to be taken. It is not at all cool and it just shows that you have no love for the other.

Online Dating –

It is not possible for a partner to always entertain the other one. Therefore, partners are finding alternatives for a few moments through online dating even when they are committed in one relationship. Adult chats and sharing adult photos without showing face are quite common.

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