35 Good Questions to Ask a Girl You Really Like

Do you know that feeling you get when you meet someone and you know she's the right one? Some of us have had the privilege of such feelings but just stopped at that, didn't know what to do next, for we didn;t know how exactly o strike up a conversation. And it's not exactly rapid fire 20 questions either so that at the end of it all, we could collect the prize (her) and be on our way! We needed questions that strike up a conversation, something that keeps the flow going., and at the same time that gives subtle signs to the girl that the guy in question (you) is interested in her. And so, we took it upon ourselves to make a collection of the top questions, the only list of questions you'll ever need to keep the flow going and at the end, know enough about your new girl crush. But be advised, you should be the judge of the timing of these questions. Be smart. Check them out below.



Check Out These Good Questions to a Ask a Girl



1. What is the meaning of your name or what is the story behind your name?



This one should be after the obvious what is your name. Even if you know the meaning of her name just ask her. This will know that you have taken an interest to know her. 



2. Do you have a secret skill that you would one day want to show the world?



Girls love to talk about themselves and more so a person who likes to listen to what they have to say. When you ask such a thing, they often have a small yet important skill that they think makes them stand out.



3. What is the one thing that you would never fail to grab if your house was going to be destroyed?



This one seems like a casual one and more like an ice breaker. Also, it shows what her priorities are in case of an accident and what she values the most amongst her materialistic stuff.  



4. What is the one toy from childhood you loved and still have?



Although this one seems to be a question outta the blue, you could build on this question to know how her childhood was. Women tend to love their childhood and the smaller things such as their cute toys.



5. What did you want to grow up to become? And do you still want it?



This can show that you want to know the person in depth. every person would have had aspirations and ambitions, and as a kid, they might have wanted to become something and it could've turned out to be something else, or you could strike out if they have become exactly what they wanted to be as a kid.



6. If you were allowed to shift and live elsewhere, anywhere, where would it be and why?



Everyone has a dream destination in their mind, and that's how you get it out of them.



7. What are some cringeworthy pickup lines that guys used on you?



This one would allow you to not make the mistakes that other guys made. If the girl you liked disliked the way other guys tried to pick her up by using lines, you could steer clear of them.




8. What is something that all girls want guys to understand but they fail to?



This would be a tad personal, but one of the good questions, for you would know what she wants from a guy, what she expects a guy to do in certain situations and maybe you could act accordingly to win her over.



9. What was the job that you hated the most?



Again, a 'don't know what to ask' situation question. Maybe this allows you to build on it and have a conversation about what her dreams are, and again continue to help her achieve them. This way she builds respect for you.



10. What’s the one thing you’ve had to do, but will never do again, no matter what?



This is one oof the more interesting questions to ask a girl, for if she reveals this, you can know the regretful side of her life and maybe connect with her on a personal level. Otherwise, we have more questions, keep going! But remember to smoothly withdraw if she declines.



11. What’s the best gift that someone has given you, and who?



Careful, this one could ruin you gift game entirely, pose a challenge for you when you want to impress her. on the other hand, you might feel that you can totally beat that gift and fell good about yourself.



12. What do you love or hate the most about the place you live in?



You could ask this if you are new to the city or if you've run out of things to ask a girl. This is just basic and casual chit chat. But you could go on to build the conversation and find out where she lives and see if you guys can hang out more and all.



13. What’s the most memorable memory that you have of your childhood?



Again, this question allows you to get to know the girl on a personal level. You can build on it and give a good impression that you have the interest to talk more about her, and girls dig that. They love to talk about themselves. No offense girls.



14. Which do you prefer on an off day, going out and partying or staying in wearing pajamas?



This is pretty much the basic question that one asks to now if the girl is an outgoing one or an introvert. To better plan your next move.



15. What is the one thing/things that you learned from your past relationship?



A bit more sensitive question, also love questions need to be asked only when you get to know the girl better. This could essentially have her crying in your arms or it could be a happy past that you can only hope to better.



16.  What is your take on pets? Do you have any?



This lets you know of her standing with regards to pets. And if your interests in pets match, you're in luck or else just suck it up n do what you gotta do! 



17. Which celebrity would you live as, if you had the choice?



We all have that celebrity who is doing all that we have ever dreamed of doing. Likewise, this girl you're going for too would have one such person, whom she'd even be following on all kinds of social platforms. Find out, just for the fun kick of it.



18. What do you hate most about dating?



Again, it would be to know her likes and dislikes, so that when you do get to take her in the future you don't mess it all up by doing the wrong stuff.



19. If you were to have an unlimited supply of money, what would you do first?



There is a strong chance that this one might expose the evil side of your girl. JK, it could also be that she wants to buy all the latest from Vera Moda. 



20. What is the one thing in life that you are most happy and grateful for?



This question allows you to explore the spiritual part of the woman you like. Questions like these are best asked when at a serene place and time when the situation is calm and peaceful.



21. How close are you with your family? Do you hate anyone, why?



The family strings can be pulled at only when you know her pretty well. If the relationship between the girl and the family is a conducive one, then that is ok, but if the relationship is sore, then you might have to tread carefully.



22. What is your dream of a perfect date?



This question is pretty much a give away that you like her. Nevertheless, by this question, you can find out exactly what here dreams of a perfect date are. Maybe even make it so and completely sweep her off her feet.



23. Would want to have instant fame, if so, in what way?



This is again a casual question leading up to a short spanned conversation. One of the funny questions for a girl to ponder about and when you've run out of what questions to ask a girl.



24. If tomorrow you woke up and found out that you had a brand new ability, what would you like it to be and why?



A fantasy question in the mix. Who doesn't like to imagine wonderous things about themselves? Surely this can be a conversational bridge, an ice breaker.



25. Name any one of your biggest fears and how did it come to be that?  



Among the questions to ask a girl, this one is something that you wouldn't know when to pop. If she's a shy girl, you wouldn't want to make her uncomfortable by this question, but if she's not one of the shy ones, then go on, maybe everybody else knows it already.



26. What is the one thing that yo never thought you could do, but did it and felt amazing afterward?



A walk in the park of philosophy, this one. You could ask this to show that you want to know her on a deeper level. This might give way to a stronger between the two of you.



27. If you had just 24 hours left to live, what all would you do and what first?



Time and again, we need these casual questions to lighten the mood and act as ice breakers. Beware, the situation also plays an important role when it comes to the timing of this question.



28. Is your favorite and most attractive attribute about yourself physical or non-physical? What is it?



A bit more personal, nevertheless makes you look courageous enough to ask her this one. If it is non-physical it could go one way and if it isn't, it could turn to a whole other way. Either way, profit!



29. What is your take on the concept of soul mates?



This one might be considered to be a deep question and might fall into the category of questions to ask your girlfriend, but still, makes out to be a deeper personal question to know that girl that much better. 




30. What’s the one thing you’re always scared to ask a man, but really curious to know?



Girls in general, are curious creatures. They would've had loads of things to ask a man but wouldn't have for various reasons. Go on, give her a chance to ask that question and be a hero in your right.




31. If you were to change into a man for a day, what would be the first thing you do?



Although most women would answer this with, checking out my man parts, you could ask her this to know exactly what she would too. Maybe find out if she's a lesbian wanting to screw as many girls as possible; Just kiddin'! 




32. Do you have any regrets about your past? What’s your biggest one?



A question like this always gives a feeling for the girl that you are showing a lot of interest in her and her life. This helps especially when the two of you have known each other for some time. 




33. What's the craziest thing that you've ever had to do (with someone)? Did you like it?



The 'with someone' part is optional as you won't wanna make her uncomfortable. But if you find that she's not someone who gets shy that easily, then, by all means, go on.




34. What’s the one show, movie, or book, you enjoy but are embarrassed to admit?



Another one of those unshy questions, to ask her if you know that she won't be embarrassed by these kinds of things. tread carefully. 




35. If you could go back in time and tell one thing to your younger self (advice), what would it be?



A rather interesting question if your girl has the mind for such things, as fantasy and a bit a regret in her life. Still, any person would have some advice to give to their younger self, and maybe you can find a way to encash this opportunity?



That brings us to the end of the big list of questions to ask your girl. We hope that you found this list interesting and of some use to you at some time. Let us know what you feel about this list in the comments section below or use on of the reaction buttons. 




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