13 Surprising Things Guys Find Unattractive About Girls

Just like guys, girls do everything to get the attention of the opposite gender. Starting from makeup to look like an angel to wearing western dresses to keep the eyes of men glued to her, girls basically spend hours to perfect all their moves and actions.  But there are certain things that guys may not like about girls irrespective of all their efforts to stand out in the crowd. Here are those 13 surprising things guys find unattractive and if you are a girl, you should take a note of them. 



1. Bitching and Gossiping


Guys absolutely hate those girls who continuously bitch around about other guys and girls and creating false rumors just to get everyone's attention. 


2. Fancy Hair



Men always prefer girls with natural hair color and simple style. Unless you are a celebrity, you should not dye your hair and make it completely artificial.


3. Excessive Makeup



Slight touches of makeup are absolutely necessary to perfect your look but if you become a product of makeup and guys discover that somehow, they will start ignoring you, however, beautiful you may look like. 


4. F-Bombs All The Time



Though saying F-bombs in every sentence may seem cool in case of a guy, but when girls say it often, guys try to create a distance from those girls because they prefer girls of some class.


5. Dominating and Over-Confident



Men, by nature, is dominating and hence, a dominating character would never prefer another dominating character. Though it may sound condescending yet dominating girls are always overconfident, and they snub the guys around them and slowly start to become unattractive to them. 


6. Too Talkative



A girl who is too talkative is definitely a turnoff for a guy. There is a fine line between extrovert and too much talkative beyond the limit of tolerance. Always keep that fine line unless you want to become a subject of joking. 



7. A Party Animal


If you fall into the category of girls who are party animals, you are definitely not going to fall in the category of attractive girls on the list of guys. The reason is that guys think that party girls are reckless.


8. Too Girly To Liked


If you put on a pink dress, carry pink accessories, walk like a model and talk in too girlish style, you are not going to attract too many guys for sure.


9. Crying Girl


Guys absolutely hate to be around girls who cry for every small reason. It could be a slight insult, a low score in an exam or getting a bruise.


10. Agreement Like A Robot



If you are a girl who has no opinion of her own and always agrees to statements said by guys and girls around you, you are never going to stand tall in the crowd. Learn to contradict with logic.

11. Unavailability



It is natural for a girl to let men chase for her for a rather long period of time. But if you are the one who wants to play the game for a longer period and make yourself unavailable for everyone, soon everyone would lose interest in you. Make yourself available but keep a fine line.


12. Being Too Needy



A girl who is too dependent on others and always want stuff from guys and girls is a turn off for guys around her. They do not want a girl in their lives who is too imposing and greedy for material things than love.


13. Gossiping About Ex



If a girl continuously says bad things about his ex-boyfriend as if he was her enemy, it is natural for guys to stay away from her because she would surely repeat it in case they become her boyfriend and break up in future. 


Just be natural and take care of the above things, and the queue of boys and men behind you will increase exponentially. 



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