10 Things A Guy Will Never Say To Girls

Everyone has a few things up in their minds that they never want to share with anybody else. There are a few things that are common in most of the guys out there that they never share with girls around them. Some of them are confessions while others are more like statements and you can proudly call those as a guy’s things to couple up with the phrase girl’s things. Here are those 10 things guys never say to the girls under any circumstances.


1. Your Friend is Hotter Than You


Somehow most of the guys find the friends of their girlfriend prettier and sexier than their girlfriend. But they will never say so even when their inside is craving to ditch her and get along with her friend who is hotter than her. 


2. I Cannot Afford This


A guy will never say that he cannot afford a luxurious car, a precious necklace or anything the girl will ask for. He will get the money somehow from somewhere and buy those things just to impress their dream girl. 


3. I Feel More Jealous Than You


Most of the times, it is a girl who feels jealous when her guy is kind of flirting with her friends or any girl in general. But it is a guy who feels more jealous when his girl is behaving too cozy with her male friends, but they will never say anything.


4. Never Tell The Truth


A guy will never say to a girl that she looks fat. Most of the times, girlfriends ask their boyfriends how they look to get a compliment. But if the girl is gaining weight, he would never say it instead he would be complimenting with new adjectives. 


5. I Am Not An Expert


When a girl asks a guy to do something, he will pretend to do it even when he is no expert at it. He just does it to impress the girl and deep down, he wishes someone would come to help him out. 


6. Dark Fantasy


A guy never exposes his dark fantasy because of the fear that his girlfriend will be disgusted with him and leave him alone. The guys think that their sexual fantasy is rather weird.


7. Never Tell A Girl To Change


Guys want their girls to be hotter than ever when they are with them so that he can make other guys jealous. Therefore, they want their girls to go out in public with the best dress. But even when their girlfriends do not wear anything appealing, they do not say anything to annoy her.


8. First Love


Guys never confess about their first love and things they did with them to their current girlfriend because chances are they are not virgins, and it can totally piss the current girlfriend for not telling them that for so long. 


9. If Someone Dumped Them


If a guy had been dumped by a girl in the past, chances are high that he would never tell that to his girlfriend because no girl wants to hang out with losers.


10 They Do Not Want To Talk


Most guys do not like to talk to their girls when they are just talking about themselves. Guys feel irritated, but he would pretend to be supportive and good listener not to mess his love life.

Girls, you need to watch these things out the next time you are with a guy and have all the giggles inside you. Do mention in the comment section if we missed out on anything and guys, do not keep anything in your heart, be transparent!


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