How Should Shy Guys Approach Girls In A Party?

Unless you are extremely handsome, no girl may even hit on you. On top of that, if you are shy, you may prepare for an arranged marriage. Being in a relationship is what everyone wants desperately but you need to have the skills to pick the girls for dating. There is no better place to pick girls that in a gathering like bar, party, family event and likewise where you have the liberty to start a chat. Girls are attracted to confident men though they like shy guys but ignore them for dating. If you are an inherently shy guy, you need to man up by the following ways.

Fake Your Confidence –

If you want to pick girls, you need to fake a few things and you need to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. All your life you have been shy but it is time to look confident even when you are inside. Your face must show your confidence and you need to look straight and not on the ground or the sky. Your body language and posture should improve and you need to say things with full confidence even though you may not feel like.


Eye Contacts –

Locking eyes with girls is a nightmare for shy guys. That is where you have to be a daredevil and start making eye contacts with every girl that comes across you. This will get into a practice and soon, it will become natural for you. Making eye contacts instantly shows that you are confident even when the girls are around and girls are attracted to confident men.

Even during a conversation, stare right into her eyes which will show her that you are interested in her. Eye contacts ensure that you get the full attention of the girl you are talking to.


Always Smile and Be Humorous-

There is no secret that to pick a girl, you need to have a sense of humor. In fact, the shy guys are extremely funny deep inside and it is just that they cannot express themselves. If you can be funny and crack appropriate jokes and your timing is to the point, you are sure to win her heart instantly.

Moreover, smile as much as you can which sends an indication to her that you are enjoying the conversation. When you are talking to someone you are interested in, it should come to you naturally. All you have to do is express your smile and not your nervousness.


Make Her Feel Friendly –

There is a difference between confidence and cocky. If you are cocky, the girl may form a bad impression about you. Moreover, she may feel intimidating and dominated by you. Be down to the ground and still maintain a personality with your confidence, gesture, and way of talking. This is will take time and practice and therefore, do not be disappointed if the first couple of tries do not go as per plan. Do more and improve.


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