Dance Class? Don’t Forget to Carry These 9 Things for Your Dance Class!


Dance is love. Dance is life. And dance class is super epic. Ain't that so? Dance or any such classes involving physical activity not only do the obvious, providing fun-fun-fun along with learning a great skill but also is taken up by people these days for significant purposes like losing weight, maintaining body fitness, etc. The idea of enjoying when one wants to work on his or her body is the real trendy deal, and if you are one of the people learning dance or such, these are the 9 things you should carry along for a rejuvenating, refreshing and gladly tiring class.



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1. Water


Forgetting to carry a water bottle while going for an activity class is a sin. You don't want to end up not having water to avoid asking others for the same thing again and again. Well, water is essential. It's anyway advised to consume lots of it; imagine the pain of not having it when you are in the need of it!







2. Proper Attire


Agree or not, the truth is that your attire can affect your class like nothing else. Confidence is a part of the qualities required to dance well, and when you wear dancey stuff, psychologically, you are more confident and dance better and fearlessly. Carry the stuff along if you have prior plans. Try it out!







3. Socks


Always carry an extra pair of socks to your class and you are thinking in the right direction towards "Why socks?". However, apart from using them to overrule the bad sweat smell from the existing socks or bare feet, it's a good idea to carry them as dancing requires you to wear socks a lot and an extra pair will come in handy.







4. Earphones


Earphones and dance class, erm? They do have a connection. Carry your earphones and listen to your routine song or music in the way or while coming back. That would help you to get acquainted with the beats, and when you know the right beats, you can match up the right moves in your head and your real life.







5. Energy Drink


Liquids obviously are the "need of the hour" when you are up to a dance class. Apart from water, though, try to carry juices or energy drinks to the class for extra energy stimulation. Keeping yourself hydrated while also consuming some calories will only help while doing physical work.







6. Chocolate


Woah, chocolate is one of the recommended things? Oh yeah, thanks to the instant energy booster that chocolate is. If you are going for your class after college or school or office (or even directly from home), have your favorite "anytime, anywhere" snack of all times. That'll do the trick!







7. Shoes


If you are a dancer, you know you can't just wear any shoes or alternate them with bare feet or socks. Great if your dance form does not require you to wear shoes, else, always carry shoes. Sneaks for street styles, ballet shoes for ballet and contemporary, heel sandals for social dancing, do not miss out!







8. Comb


People who dance regularly and professionally are gonna go "Bleh" for the combing part and rightly so, for they are cool enough not to care. For those of you who do, though, dancing or such is gonna leave your hair in a mess. You want to take your comb along and especially if you have after-class commitments.







9. Props


If you are working on a routine or your instructor has asked you to get something for the next class, make a note, put an alarm, do anything but don't forget this





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