5 Unspoken Rules Of Breakup You Should Know If You Are In Relationship!

In today’s world, the first relationship is unlikely to be the last one and most of the people have to go through a breakup phase before moving on to the next one. But there are a few unspoken rules you should know about that will help on the partners to breakup peacefully and make it easy for one another. Well, these are the rules that most people break the most just to get over their frustration and insecurity. Check them out and be nice to follow them rigorously.

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Be Brave –

There are a lot of people who breakup through a call. In today’s world, a simple text is enough to breakup without much of an explanation. This is who only going to be the other person angry and annoyed, it is utterly disrespectful and an act of cowardice. Have a face to face conversation and explain the reason why you think the relationship is not working out.

Take The Blame –

There is a wide tendency of a person blaming the other person for being the reason why the relationship is not working out. Instead, if it is you who thinks that it is not working out, you should be brave to take the relationship and explain that it is you who is responsible for the breakup. Be gentle and tender and if your logic is up to the mark, the breakup will surely be peaceful and the future can be better for you.

Let’s Be Friends –

It is a common phrase people use while breaking up that once you are attached to a person emotionally and physically through a relationship and then breaks up, being friends is going to be difficult. The emotional part will be hard to get rid off and it is going to be difficult to move on smoothly. So, do not even say it out of tenderness. It is better to be out of contact and maybe after years when both of you are single, you can become friends.

Bitching –

Most of the people who break up under unsettled conditions, they end up bitching about each other to their friends and known faces. Bitching about your ex-partner is a negative trait of character and it is going to create a negative impression on the listener. Instead, say the nicest thing and be the bigger person.

Jealousy –

People try different methods to make their ex-partner jealous especially when the breakup proposal came from him or her. They would try to hangout with a hotter person, send hot messages and pretend that it was sent by mistake, be cozier regularly with the new boy/girl especially when the ex-partner is around and likewise.

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