Relationship Games Girls Play With Men And how To Outplay Them?

A girl always keeps testing her man to ensure his loyalty and dedication. When a couple gets into a relationship, the bond never stays the same as the relationship progresses. The exciting parts get over and doubts start hitting the mind.

More than the men, the women start thinking that their men are cheating them, avoiding them and whatnot. There are various common mind games they start playing with their men which could be undetectable and you could get into trouble if you are not prepared.

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Push and Pull Game –

There will be times when a girl will give you signals that she wants to be in a relationship, but when you go full throttle, when will pull back and give your signals that she does not want it. If she plays such games for a considerable amount of time, you should make a point that there are other girls you can approach and you have to make them jealous and pull back and resist showing interest in her for some time. Hopefully, she will give in or get out.

Waiting Game –

The girl has given you the number and shown her interest in you and when you approach her through calls and texts, she will not reply instant. She will make you wait to reply to your text and return your calls. This is more like push and pull scenario where she is probably creating a demand in you for her. Give her the same treatment and instead of replying instantly, go ahead take your time and days to reply to messages to show that you are starting to move on.

Silent Game –

There are a few phases when you girl can become extremely silent but you know that deep down, she is upset or angry with you. SHe will not tell you anything and will wait for you to confess your guilt and pacify her. But when you try to pacify her, she will act weird as if she wants your sympathy but when you show them, she does not want it. You need to make romantic love to her like cuddling, hugging, play with her hair and make her smile. Once you get that smile, everything is restored to normal.

Clueless Game –

She will pretend as if she is going crazy over something and she will draw your attention and you cannot help but focus on it. This is only to gain your attention and get you to do something for her that she won’t do herself. Instead of doing anything, you should make sure whether the need is genuine or she is faking it.

Need To Talk Game –

There will be times when you girl drops the bomb on you when you arrive tired and wanting to talk something else. She will start with a serious tone exclaiming ‘we need to talk’ and she will pour her grievances out instantly. You can make her sit down with you and hug her and do some playful things and ask her politely that they can talk later when you are fresh.

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