Top 9 Mysterious Underwater Discoveries That Are Yet To Get Solved


Most of the Earth is covered with water bodies and it is natural that when so many mysterious objects and structures are discovered in the land, water bodies will be the second home of mysteries. Over the past few centuries, some of the most mysterious underwater discoveries have been made and the scientists are still scratching their heads to find their origin or what exact they are or how they formed. 



1. Object On Ocean Floor


There is an object discovered underwater and it lies in the Deepwater Horizon. Scientists have not been able to identify the object it does look like someone installed it perfectly. It is certain that it is not a part of any shipwreck as the structure appears to be very weird.


 2. Lost Kingdom Of Cleopatra


It is also known by the name Thonis-Heracleion, it used to be considered as a myth and it was the gateway to Egypt. How the entire city sank suddenly still remain a mystery and scientists are working hard to put together everything so that they can reconstruct the live and area of the cities graphically to understand its shrinkage. 


3. The City Of Pavlopetri


Scientists have found that the city of Pavlopetri was completely swallowed by water but the artifacts and constructions still alive underwater show that the civilization was highly advanced from the rest of the world and they could be the most ancient cities ever to exist. 

4. A Mysterious River Under A Sea


At the bottom of the Black Sea, scientists have discovered an area which they are referring to a river. There are massive trees on its bed with leaves as good as they have in a garden and most surprisingly, there are several waterfalls in that region below the sea. 


5. Ice Finger Of Death


It is a creepy ice structure that is formed by the unknown phenomenon and the ice is denser that the seabed water. The shape of the ice is scary and named appropriately and scientists are still confused how ice can form without appropriate temperature automatically. 


6. Yonaguni Monument


It was discovered in Japan and it looked like the construction was made underground. It is so perfect that scientists are yet to find an evidence to proof that it was constructed on land and got merged underwater. It dates back to a long time in the past and no one should be capable of constructing its underwater. 


7. Underwater Pyramid


In the islands of Terceira and Sao Miguel, scientists have discovered what they are calling as the pyramid and just like other pyramids in the world, it is one of the biggest mysterious in terms or construction and formation factors. 



8. UFO At The Bottom Of The Ocean


An object of the shape of a UFO has been discovered while some tried to cover it up by saying that is a rock that was formed naturally but the truth is far beyond that. The scientists are yet to decode this large mysterious object underwater sleeping peacefully. 



9. The Gap Between the United States and Europe


The United States is an integral part of Europe and perhaps the most important part. But scientists have discovered underwater that the gap between the US and Europe is increasing day by day. Scientists have no ideas why this phenomenon is occurring. 


Scientists have been able to cover only 5% of the total oceans and they are taken aback with the new discoveries made every day. Stay tuned as we progress in technology and map all the oceans in the world. Surely, big mysterious are on the way.




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