Daring Questions Guys Are Afraid Of Asking The Girls!

To men, women are still the most mysterious creatures in the world. Not only is it impossible to decode their thought process, it is also their acts that have been puzzling guys for centuries. There are certain questions guys always want to ask girls but they do not really have the courage to confront them with such silly but valid questions. For example, why do girls go to the bathroom in a group when it is supposed to be a personal thing? Here are such questions that girls need to answering even though guys cannot conjure enough courage to ask.

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Why Makeup?

Why do women put up makeup to look like something they are not. They complain that people should never judge on the basis of looks yet those are the same women who will put layers of makeup to look as different as possible. Why can’t you accept your own looks before preaching the world to accept the real looks of women?

Period and Women Mood!

It is seen that almost every woman changes into some other woman when they are under period. They react strongly to simple activities and there are always mood swings, they crave for junk food and whatnot. One can say that it is all hormonal changes due girls are used to it and they should have been normal by the time they grow up, but they do not.

What Is There In Handbags?

You will always find women carry a thick and big handbag and you will always be wondering what are the things they have in there! Well, apart from a smartphone, makeup and tissues, there are a lot of things that women carry with them and that is why they never let others touch it. These secret things can vary from woman to woman and that is exactly why it is something more interesting to know.

Spending Time In The Shower?

It is okay if you take extra time some days in the shower. But if you are taking so much time every day in the shower, a natural curiosity rises up in men to understand what are the things girls do in the shower that make them take so much time. The fact is women spend a few years of their lives in the shower.

Why Go To Bathroom In A Group?

It is common to see young girls going to the bathroom in groups as if they want to see each other peeing. At least mature women do not do it. Why is it that they need a company to do their activities? Some girls say that they do so to apply makeup together and share some secrets that they cannot in public. God knows!

What’s In The Guy’s Butts?

Just like men check out women especially their curves, women check out the butt of the men and they get attracted to them by judging that. Well, rather than going by physique, girls run after the movement of the men’s butts. Guys have no clue why they do so!

How Does Breastfeeding Feel Like?

Guys like to compare breastfeed of women to their babies to the same act when done by their male partner. Well, the act is similar and they want to know whether there is also a turn on and pleasable feel during breastfeeding or not.

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