7 Ways To Find Out Whether Your Girlfriend Loves You Or Not

We hear a lot about boys cheating on their girlfriends. However, in reality, the reverse is also true. There are times when she could have just lost the spark for you or wants your money and all the conveniences you bring to her. Besides, boys are always insecure and trying to find out whether their girlfriends love them or not. Here are some of the ways to clear your doubt out.

She tries to copy your movement

She is pointing her feet towards you

There are many studies which say that whenever a woman is compatible with the company there is a good chance that she always points her feet towards that particular person. In other words, this also means that she does not sees you as a threat and is at the highest comfort level whenever she is with you.

She keeps on blushing

There is a valid reason behind the blush of a person. The reason is that there is an excessive flow of blood on the cheeks and we can attribute this to other physical activities as well. In any day if you encounter your girlfriend keeps on blushing that means she is attracted towards you and is very happy with your company.

She makes eye contact with you in group

The behavior of your girlfriend, whenever you are in a group, impacts a lot. In case she is busy with another member of the group then take it as a bad signal. On the other part if she frequently tries to make eye contact with you in such a group than it is a positive sign.

If she does not react to your physical touch

In a long relationship, people do take each other for granted which is very normal. If your girlfriend does not give a positive response or a reaction to your touch than it’s a red signal. In case this happens then it is very important for you to bring back that excitement into your relationship back again.

She goes blank during regular conversation

It is very important for you to notices that do you need to repeat the words again and again while having a conversation with your girlfriend. If this is so you have to be very sure that her attention is somewhere else. The reason might be that she has lost her interest in your conversation.

Time to have that conversation

The habit of depending on your signs and body language is not the right thing most of the time. If you think that the love once which you both had is sneering than its better to have a serious conversation with each other.

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