10 Most Haunted Places In Punjab Will Leave You Unconscious


There is no dearth of haunted places in Punjab. Some people mockingly say that there are an equal number of tourist spots and most haunted places in Punjab. Today, we are going to look at those which are the scariest that can literally leave you in a terrified state. 



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1. Kasauli Graveyard




The graveyard is the favorite place for real ghosts. It is situated on the road to Shimla. You will immediately feel creepiest around you as soon as you set foot inside it. So many paranormal sightings have been reported so far. 





2. Haunted Bridge In Sector 16




It is quite popular in Chandigarh and it is so named because many people have seen a girl holding a lamp walking up and down the bridge at night. She disappears in a splash of an eye. 




3. Haunted House In Sector 16




From bridge to the house now, Sector 16 seems to a favorite of real ghosts. A student died inside the house by committing suicide and even since then, his spirit has appeared in front of several local people who happened to pass by it. 





4. Savitri Bai Phule Hostel




The residents of the hostel often complain about paranormal activities in the hostel. The people living outside the hostel have seen headless ghost through the windows of the hostel. 




5. Chandigarh Railway Guesthouse




There is one particular room which is simply deadly to live in. People have seen strange figures looking at them when they take shower in the bathroom. 




6. Sukhna Lake




It is a famous tourist spot in Punjab. But the lake gets to see many suicides every year. Local people claim of hearing screaming and howling of evil spirits emanating from the lake.




7. Cremation Ground in Sector 25




The place gets a lot of media attention as people often complain about seeing apparitions and strange figures in the cremation ground. 




8. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research




It is one of the prestigious medical colleges in Punjab. The open space near it gets to see dead fetuses abandoned at night. Local people believe invisible witches or evil spirits are behind it.




9. Temple in Sector 39




It is a temple built to pay respect to a woman If you happen to become a Sati. If you bow down and pray for something before this temple, the spirit of the Sati can possess you. So, be wise and don't do so.




10. Punjab University




Students have complained that the trees in the campus are creepy and haunted. Bats come out of them and many have seen strange apparitions and a few have got possessed by spirits. 


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