7 Strange Things Wealthy People Brought For Reasons Unknown!

When you have money, you can spend it on buying things that you need. However, when you have excessive money, you buy things that you desire. But when that excess crosses the limit, you end up buying crazy things for no reason. The following is the list of the weird things that wealthy people have opened their bank accounts on. Maybe they just want their name on the records and articles.

iPhone Of Gold

This is iPhone is composed of high-quality gold and comes with very high value in the market. This not only contains gold but also a diamond that comes with high value and also contains various types of expensive stones. Stuart Hughes, a renowned jeweler from British, makes this. This is one of the expensive cell phones in the world.

Cycle Of Gold

This cycle is made of gold and is very expensive when it comes to monetary value. This cycle comes with a covering layer of high-grade gold and is one of the expensive cycles that are available. This is composed of 24-karat gold which is the purest form of gold and is available at a price of 500,000 dollars.

Crazy Expensive Perfume

This perfume is made of high-grade components and materials and is one of the expensive perfumes. This contains various types of high-grade stones that are set up the shape of New York skyline. This perfume comes with the price tag million dollars.


Bathtubs Studded With Diamonds

This seems to be a fake product but this exists in real and comes with a high price tag. This bathtub is made of high-quality diamonds which makes it very unique and comes with the shiny design. This bathtub has shiny and eye-catching look due to its diamond studded body.

Rock From Mars

This is a rock which belongs to Mars and is very shining in look. This rock is a part of mars geographical structure. It comes with a unique feature and is very different from earth rock. This is priceless and comes with the highest value.

Dog Collars Of Diamond

This dog collar is made of diamond and is a very unique product with the greatest value. This comes with a great design that enhances the look and value of a dog. We consider a dog to be a faithful animal, so an expensive collar for a dog is something they deserve.

A Sports Car For Underwater

This car is very unique and we can drive it at great speed under water. This is one of the greatest inventions that are out of human minds. It comes with all the features which a sports car has. This comes with an efficient and enormous seat for comfortable driving and allows you to have a smooth driving experience under water.

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