8 Things That NASA Does Not Want You To Know


There are many things in this world which are best not known. But when you pay your taxes and your money is used by the government and their organizations, you have the right to know the outcome of the work for which that money is used. We all know NASA uses a sea of money for space exploration and they have also been one of the most secretive organizations in the world. There are a few things NASA does not ant you to know but you should know what they are. 



1. Continuous Live Feed Cuts



NASA has started this awesome feature of showing live feed out the world outside the Earth. It has become one of the favorite activities of common people. But NASA is alleged to cut feeds continuously every time a mysterious object appeared on the camera. Most people have started to believe that UFOs visit us on regular basis and NASA does not want you to see those.


2. Moon Landing Tapes



The landing on the Moon has always been a subject of debate where most of the critics claimed that Neil Armstrong never really landed on Moon because NASA did not have the required technology for that. Instead, many believe that the photos and videos published were taped on Earth in a studio. NASA said that photos and videos of original tape got deleted which added more to the mystery. Many believed they either faked it and saw something that they do not want people to see. 


3. James Webb Telescope



It is the most powerful telescope ever built but it was supposed to take 20 years to build. Instead, NASA took 10 more years and spent 17 times more money than estimated budget. They never explained why it cost so high and why the delay while many believe they used the fund in developing secret instruments. 


4. Project a119



An insider of NASA revealed that US government funded for a secret undertaking named Project a119 where NASA was to test nuclear weapons in Moon. Though it is not sure whether the project was truly executed or not but the odd sightings of explosions in Moon has been witnessed in some countries.


5. Mars Photos



Many critics believe that the photos NASA has been publishing of Mars are not actual photos. Rather, these photos are from an arctic island that has a similar condition as Mars. Even they published photos from the islands and asked people to distinguish but nobody could. 


6. Gordon Cooper's Confessions



Gordon Cooper is a pilot from NASA and he saw an extremely large UFO and reported immediately. It had some advance technologies and he was told by NASA to lie about it. It was only after retiring he confessed it and said NASA had no clue about such advanced technology. 


7. Whale Oil



Using Whale Oil has been banned worldwide but NASA has been using it secretly as a lubricant for telescope and space satellite because this lubricant does not freeze under temperature below zero. NASA has not yet found a substitute for it. 


8. Anti Gravity



Gary Mckinnon is the greatest hacker of all time who hacked into NASA's server and leaked secret information that state that NASA has learned the advanced technology from aliens. They have recovered crashed UFOs and used reverse engineering to development items that can work with anti-gravity property. 


We only know what we are told and what we are told is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things in the world which are best unknown but it is the duty of NASA to inform us everything they are doing with our money.



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