7 most devastating predictions for the future! Last one is nerve-wracking!


There are many soothsayers, seers, and clairvoyants who had predicted the events of the past long before they took place, such as – predictions of the two world wars, the bombing of the twin towers, rise, and fall of Hitler and others. On the other hand, science has been making it;s own set of predictions for the future based on research and statistics of the past, and certain assumptions for the future as well. Of these predictions, some may seem favorable to the human race while others spell doom!



1. Effects of Climate change will become irreversible



Our climate has already worsened with the ice-caps melting and the rise in the sea levels. It is said that the climate will become unbearable by the end of the 21st century. Even if the current CO2 emissions were halted right now, our Earth would take centuries before returning to the pre-industrial era!




2. Robots will be hired assassins



Our future might just look like a scene from the Terminator movies! There are already Humanoid robots that are used in warfare to reduce human casualties, experts fear that these machines may be used for illicit activities or worse, may go out of control once and for all.




3. We could never meet  an alien-life form



Our universe is eons old! By that measure, we should have met at least some form of life outside of Earth. Although it is true that there are several millions of potentially habitable planets out there, we haven't been receiving any signal from anywhere, and experts believe that it isn't going to change anytime soon. It might well be the Great Silence for us all for some time to come!




4. Antibiotics will not be able to fight off deadly diseases anymore



Antibiotics are the medicines that inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms within our body. Although development in the field of medicine is in full swing,  with never-before-seen pace, an increasing number of disease-causing microorganisms are becoming resistant to antibiotics. It is also predicted that the human race might be wiped out by such a super-resistant bacteria!




5. The word Privacy will have no value



With the amount of surveillance on common citizens reaching alarming rates, privacy has already lost most of its existence. Right from the type of porn we watch to our shopping lists, everything is being monitored to eliminate both internal and external threats. Another advancement that will emerge in the future is Smart-Dust that will forever rid us of our privacies!




6. Earth will be uninhabitable in the near future at the current rate of consumption



The great Stephen Hawking has said that our beloved Green Planet will not be able to sustain our abuse of the natural resources. It was estimated that currently, we are consuming about two planets worth of resources each day. This could mean that we will have to leave Earth to find a new planet, perhaps Mars or one of Venus's moons?



7. There could be a Solar Storm to bring Earth to a stand-still



A solar storm is the solar "wind" shot out by the Sun every second at about 1 million miles per hour. This wind is, fortunately, weak enough not to penetrate the magnetic field of our Earth. But scientists believe that it is only a matter of time before a storm of cataclysmic magnitude hits the Earth. Planes will drop down, cars won't run, cell service & internet connections will be lost! All this will happen in just about 12 hours after we get to know about it!

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