Psychologists Reveals The Reasons Why People Cheat Their Partners!

Cheating in a relationship has become a usual thing in today’s world. Especially when a relationship begins at a young age, the chances of one partner cheating behind the other is almost a trend as young people want to explore more people and they get tired of their partner very easily when extremely physical intimacy is reached. Psychologists have performed various scientific experiments to understand the reasons why people cheat their partner and why there is such an exponential rise in people finding it easy to cheat around. Check them out and maybe you can prevent your relationship if it is degrading.

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Emotional Attachment

The lack of emotional attachment is the reason for most of the males to cheat. The lack of it can be due to the partner not supporting his move in personal life, not backing him up when he is down, and rather she is is pulling him down. There is an only physical attachment and that can only be for a short time.

Past Experience

If a person has managed to cheat his or her partner in the past successfully, there are high chances that he/she is going to repeat the same once they are done with all the physical intimacy and all the suspense of the relationship is over. The reason is that most of the person by nature are always looking for something new of the old things.

Lack Of New Intimacy

Physical intimacy is a binding force in every relationship but it turns stale when it is repetitive. You have to try out new things like accessories, positions, and scenarios so that it feels exciting and interesting the same way as it did for the first time. This is how you can keep the mind attached to your partner.

Mid-Life Crisis

Everyone’s life has ups and downs. It is seen that when a person is happy, he/she wants to keep everything stable. But when she/he is down, there is an upsurge in the desire to change things in life and seek new pleasure with new faces in order to forget about the current worse life situation. This is where couples need to take a break from life and visit a new place and rethink their lives and rekindle their relationship.

Too Much Of Social Networking

Social media sites are where people get to see new people and there will always be someone or multiple who are going to be attractive that your partner like terms of facial and physical beauty. If you give too much time to social media sites rather than your relationship, you are increasing the chances of cheating your partner.

Too Much Of Business Trips

When you are away from your partner quite often, you start to lose the physical connection. Furthermore, when you are on a business trip, you meet various people of opposite gender and the natural urge to make out with them fills your mind as your body is missing the physical touches.As a matter of fact, you are likely to find new people more attractive than your partner and commit a cheating.

Oxytocin Influence

Oxytocin is a hormone that is released when we hug and kiss. It is instrumental in creating the trust factor in a relationship. Lack of this hormone triggers the thoughts of cheating your partner and pursue someone better looking.

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