World’s Weirdest Festivals You Must Witness To Believe

Different people of different culture have different rituals. Sometimes, these traditional rituals turn out to be too weird to accept in the first round. It is probably becuase we have advanced with time and these rituals are backdated. Some of them are so weird that you have to see to believe them. It is truly going to be once in a lifetime experience. Do not believe us? Well, watch out the following weirdest festivals across the world.

Battle Of the Oranges In Italy

You must have heard of Tomato throwing festival in Spain but this is dangerous. There are 9 squads of Ivrea, Italy who take part and they throw oranges at each other for 3 days. After 3 days, the winner is declared. The oranges are not crashed and hence, they leave heavy injuries. As a spectator, you need to be at a distance and take cover to watch it safely.

Day Of Silence in Bali

The New Year Day is referred to as the Day of Silence. When the rest of the world is partying, people in Bali welcome the new year in peace and silence. They have to follow the strict rule of no entertainment, no fire, no travel, no activity whatsoever. There will be no electricity and traffic is shut down. The 24 hours is spent in meditation, relaxation, and self-reflection.

Hair Freezing Day in Canada

It is a contest cum festival whereby during the harshest of winter days, Canadian go to the Takhini Hot Pools. They take a hot water bath there and then they have to expose their head in the air. Due to the coldest days of the year, your watery hair will freeze along with your bread. It can be painful but fun.

Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand

Every November, thousands of monkeys come at the Monkey Buffet Festival and thousands of kilos of Thai dishes are served near the Khmer Temple. Monkeys even eat desserts and soda from cans. A lot of tourists gather around this time of the year to watch the unthinkable.

Boryeong Mud Festival In South Korea

Every July, on the coast of the Yellow Sea, mud games are organized. Starting from mud baths to mud massages and mud marathon, music and dancing and partying make it the most lively ancient festival in the world.

El Colacho In Spain

In this, professionals who are dresses as evil people jump over the babies lying in their low beds. This is said to free the babies of their past sins and bring luck for the future. Even though the babies are not harmed but still it is a breathtaking scene.

Thaipusam In India

This is the weirdest festival of them all. Piercing is done on the body and heavy objects are hung from the piercings all over the body to cleanse them of their sins. It sounds unreal but it is something you have to see to believe.


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