6 Signs That A Boy Wants To Be More Than Her Best Friend

There is a saying that a boy and a girl cannot be best friends for long. Well, by nature, there is always an attraction growing between a boy and a girl especially when both of them are single. Boys are known to be more expressive of their love but deep inside, they can be afraid of losing a girl as a friend if they propose. Therefore, they are sure to exhibit some signs to give a girl the necessary signal to take it forward.

Cannot Have Enough

He wants to be with you every now and then. A friend is someone with whom we share deepest secrets without any fear but when you start feeling excessive for that friend it means you want her to be more than just a friend. He wants to spend most of the time with you want to attach him emotionally.


Softer With You

Behaving in a polite manner and smiling at you very often is a clear sign that he wants to go beyond friendship and grow a better relationship with you. If he wants to be close and stays near you every time this shows his love for you and attraction towards you. Gentle behavior towards you and dealing with you humbly is a clear indication of love.


Contacts You More

Having the usual conversation with a friend is normal and part of our daily life. But when the conversation in phone goes above all this it is a sign that he wants to stay connected with you round the clock. Contacting you every now and then for some reason or without any reason is a clear indication of love.


Can’t Stop Looking At You

Looking at you most of the time and keeping you in front of his eye is a sign that he wants a relationship that is more than just a friendship. He cannot set off his eye even for a minute from you and wants to see you every time is a sure sign of love which is beyond of friendship. Even when you are busy doing other things and your friend is giving you a constant look that means he is interested in more than just a friendship.


Remembers Every Detail

Noticing and remembering each and every detail about you is a sign that he wants a relationship that is more than a friendship. Noticing your small habits and the way of your dressing is a better indication of his love towards you.


Compliments Very Often

Usually, men are not good at giving various compliments to ladies. Those men who want to make a better impression towards you will keep on praising you about the way you look. He starts giving you compliments the type of dresses you wear, the bag that you carry and the shoes you wear.



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