7 Spooky Items Which Are Extremely Costly

There is a wild craze in people to give value to the creepy and spooky items in the world. On the contrary, there are various costly items that seem to be creepy and spooky as well. There is no dearth of people spending thousands of dollars to acquire those items and deal with the trouble that comes with them. Some are haunted, others are cursed, and linked with unforeseen happenings. Check out 7 such spooky items that are extremely expensive.


The Black Orlov Diamond

This seems to be one of the costliest spooky things in the whole world. History says that this black diamond was originally from India. According to some people, this diamond was one of the eyes of the statue of Hindu God Brahma (the God creator). It is rumored to be stolen from the place of its origin. People who owned these cursed objects committed suicide in mysterious ways. The spookiness of this diamond raises its price insanely. Many people think that the curse is broken when actress Felicity Huffman wore this diamond at Oscar 2006.


The Italian Basano Vase

This mysterious object just looks like any ordinary and old Italian vase but contains the unadulterated demonic curse. The silver-carved vase was supposed to be a gift for a bride on her wedding in the 15th century. Some people said that the night before her wedding she was dying or found dead with the vase in her hand. Since then the owners of this object witnessed death in strange ways. Somehow, the vase is considered to be one of the costliest cursed objects until now.


Ed Gein’s Pot

Ed Gein was a well-known serial killer in the period of the 1950s. This psychopathic killer used to kill and chop people for their skin to produce furniture and clothing items. According to some sources, he used this particular pot to keep the sliced pieces of human bodies. The famous Hollywood classic films, like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Silence of the Lambs” were inspired by the true events of this psychopathic serial killer. The last owner of this pot is the movie star Zak Bagans. He bought it from a lady who used this object like a flower pot in high price.


The Painting Of A Crying Boy

An Italian artist painted this picture. This mass-produced art carries on a curse, where people witnessed the noise of children’s crying in the house without kids. This artwork is responsible for several house burning and accidental deaths of its owners. But mysteriously the painting never catches fire. The observation of this painting discloses the mystery, that the presence of a particular substance prevents it from burning. The original artwork has an undeniable legacy with constantly rising price.


Diana – The Eerie Doll

This doll is rumored to be possessed by a 20 years old women name Diana. The people who owned this spooky doll witnessed the presence of some phantom children around their house. Even, some of them saw the swing moving all by itself. The seller has noticed that the ghost of Diana is very much attracted towards the feminine items and accessories.


MJ’s Chair

This chair is from Michael Jackson’s death room. The doctor of MJ used to sit on this chair during the check-up. The doctor also sat on this chair when he was on his death bed. Now Zak Bagans owns this chair. Still, there is no paranormal activity happens relating to this chair. But, Bagans owned this one by spending the enormous number of bucks.


Replica of Annabelle

The doll from the set of “The Conjuring” holds some of the paranormal qualities of the real-life doll Anabelle. The original doll has some real demonic power and it moves around the house all by itself. Rumour reveals that the replica of the doll releases the same vibe of the real one. The duplicate Anabelle looks very much horrifying and scary.

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