8 Bizarre Animal Experiment Performed by Scientists that you won’t Believe !


Science is all about experimentations and inventing new things. Animals are always a subject on which different experiments are performed, and newly invented drugs are given to study the effects. Some of them go as per plans but there are some that scare even the brave souls because the outcomes are as bizarre as wild human imaginations. Here are some of the ridiculous animal experiments done by Scientist. 



1. Zombie Dogs




Zombies are thought to be just a fictional idea that is heavily implemented in Sci-Fi Movies. But scientists have been successful in developing a real life zombie dog and the same can be applied to any animal. In a weird experiment, they sucked out all the blood in a dog. A few hours later, they pumped in blood with drugs and applied an electric shock to bring it back to life.




2. Brain Machine Monkey




Scientists have developed an interface where you can move certain objects just with the power of your thinking. They tried it with a monkey and attached a device in its brain. Just by studying its thinking pattern, a robot arm moved to capture a food and put it in its mouth.




3. Mouse With Ear




This is one of the ground-breaking experiment where the scientists transplanted an ear from a human being to the body of a mouse. It shows that almost all organs can be transplanted from human to any animal to increase its efficiency.




4. Powder Pig




In a bizarre experiment, a group of scientists extracted the lining of a pig's bladder and dry it out to convert it into a powder. They used the powder to generate a human finger in the hand of a person who lost his fingers in an accident.




5. Glowing Cats




A group of scientists transformed the DNA structure of a cat to make its eye glow. Then they cloned the cat over and over again to produce a group of cats who would look ghostly at night with glowing eyes.




6. Monkey Head Transplant




Could you imagine head transplant even possible? A scientist actually did it in a monkey and when the monkey got back its sense, its was angry and attacked the scientists. 




7. Webby Goats




This is a bizarre animal experiment, where a scientist inserted the genes of a spider in a goat's DNA. The goat started giving a milk that could be used to spin webs like spiders.




8. Stupid Turkey




This is a very funny experiment where a scientist killed a female turkey and beheaded it. He then hung the head in a stick and brought it near a male turkey. The male turkey became sexually excited even though it saw the turkey did not have a body. It just shows male will be male. 



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