Shocking! Top Ten Mysterious Discoveries That Questions Our History!


There are many archaeologists who have claimed that our ancestors were far advanced than we think they were. There are many pieces of evidence collected so that that indicates the truth of such claim. Some of the discoveries are so shocking that even the scientists are confused how could the ancient civilization construction something so advanced and futuristic. Here are the top ten of such mysterious discoveries.


1. Stone Spheres




There is a forest in Costa Rica where there are hundreds of stone spheres that the archaeologists have claimed to be manmade. They are so perfect geometrically that even today's constructors cannot make them without using machines. But how did ancient people did them still remains a mystery?




2. Antikythera Mechanism




Some archaeologists call it the ancient analog computer. It was used to predict the astronomical events like eclipse, full moon, and no moon. It was used by the sailors. Scientists are confused how the device could be so accurate and puzzled about the design of the device.




3. The London Artifact




The London artifact is a wooden tool around which a stone has been formed. As stone takes millions of years to form, it shows that human beings started using tools much before we thought it.




4. The Fuente Magna Bowl




The ancient bowl has an inscription that shows that America used to be a habitable place for thousands of traders even before Columbus discovered America. It really points out the need to change the history books.




5. Stonehenge




One of the biggest mysteries of the Earth is the Stonehenge. Scientists have no clue how the ancient people lifted the stone blocks weighing hundreds of tons to such great height. Another mystery of it is its actual purpose.




6. Nazca Lines




In Peru, there are hundreds of Nazca lines which are formed by moving red pebbles and uncovering the ground underneath. These lines represent meaningful figures over acres of lands and can only be viewed from airplanes. The accuracy of the extra-large figures has clean bowled the scientists. 




7. The Hidden Character Stone




It was discovered in China and radio-dating technique reveals that the stone is nearly 250 million years ago. It has an inscription that shows communist political party existed back then. How is that possible?




8. The Voynich Manuscript




The only manuscript in the world that is yet to be decoded by anyone. It is merely 600 years old and the language and illustration are unidentified as if it is written by alien species.




9. Pyramids




Pyramid are probably the most mysterious structure from the ancient world. The perfection and the height of the construction are very puzzling because they are made of stone blocks of multiple tons weight. The ancient people had no means to carry them to such great heights. Did they have any futuristic technology or machine?




10. Baghdad Batteries




It is a set of three artifacts and it is what archaeologists are calling as modern day battery charger. They are thousands of years old and their construction shows that they were used to charge something. Can that something be any device that ancient people had?



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