Top 10 expensive Bikes in the World!


If you go through the list, then you’ll see each bike is built in its way. The highest amounts you’ll pay are million dollars, and the bikes are named after the price.

People are very careful when riding all of these because it could cost them more to repair them for the long run. Let’s check out the most expensive bikes in the world 2017.


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1-Harley Davidson Rocker


If you know the brand, you also might be knowing about its price. The blue color will make you want it much more. The seat is very comfortable. Get ready to pay the huge amount to own it for the rest of your life.


Price: $ 130,000






2-Ecosse FE Ti XX


The engine of the bike is aluminum and has two hundred and twenty-five horsepower. The bike has kind of cool design and is the fastest bike in the world. It is worth three thousand dollars.


Price: $ 300,000






3-Gold Plated Custom Chopper


This bike is something that you would like to hide from the eyes of the public. You’ll show it off, but you’ll not even allow them to touch it. If you are thinking to get this bike, then you will have to keep it clean.


Price: $ 500,000







4. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter


The bike is complete, but if you look at it, you'll think, it’s not. The bike is made up of the steel. The bike has huge tires.


Price: $ 110,000






5. Ultra Rare Porcupine


People have this bike and is also even riding them. The design of the motorcycle is incredible, and your friends will be craving to get the bike from you.


Price: $ 750,000







6. Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa


Everyone dreams to take a ride on this bike, the top attraction because of its stunning design.


Price: $ 200,000



Suzuki AEM Carbon Hayabusa




7. Million Harley Davidson


One million dollar is a lot to pay for any motorcycle. The blue lightning on the bottom is very fresh and will also glow on the road. If you have million dollars to spend, then have fun with the bike.


Price: $ 1 million



Million harley davidson




8. Ecosse ES1 Superbike


The bike is world’s one of the high priced motorbike. It graced many of the richest people while some kept dreaming of the ride. The speed of the motorcycle was recorded 370.1 km/h.


Price: $3.6 million




9. Coventry Eagle


It is the old bike and is good for those who love classic motorcycles and also like to show them off. Light on the front is perfect for the night.


Price: $ 120,000






10. Hildebrand Wolfmuller


It is not a bike for the people who has a style. It is the first motorcycle, and you can easily tell by just looking at it. Seats are weird, and it is not something that you’ll ride every day.


Price: $ 150,000





These were some of the top 10 expensive bikes in the world. If you have the money to buy it, then you are one lucky person.



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