14 Bizarre North Korea Facts that will surely Terrify you !


North Korea, the underdeveloped and loopy sister of South Korea, has a number of weird and unusual laws and restriction making life in the country hell-on-earth! Despite the fact that the country suffers from severe famine and poverty the “Supreme leader & his elite circle” continue their opulent lifestyle with utter disregard for their citizens. In addition, they have their own set of bat-shit-crazy rules and given below are just a handful of them. Here we are with some North Korea Facts that will definitely make you feel lucky for not being there.



1. The year is 105, not 2017!



This is because they count their years (or are made to count) from Kim Il-Sung’s date of birth: 15 April 1912! 




2. N.Korean “elections”



The ballot for the 5-yearly “elections” have only one option to “elect”!




3. The 3-generation prison sentence!



The family of the person sentenced to prison in N.Korea suffers with him, as his grandparents, parents, and children have to serve the term and work with him at prison camps.




4. A Tv-set is useless here!



N.Korea has just 3 Tv channels, 2 of which are broadcast during the weekends and the other in the evenings. This is the main cause of South Korean soap operas being smuggled into the North.




5. Marijuana is practically legal



Although there are conflicting reports, marijuana is not classified as a drug in N.Korea and there is no law to prevent its use & if there was any, it is unenforced! Hence practically legal and relatively easy to get a hold of. Sokeel Park, the director of research and strategy at Liberty In North Korea even said that the country exports cannabis in exchange for foreign currency!




6. Kim Jong-Un’s brutal execution methods!



The dictator has often ordered execution sentences in the most whimsical of ways, killed by flame-thrower, close range mortar firing, by rocket grenade and even by anti-aircraft gun systems!




7. Little to no internet access!



N.Korea has its own internet and about 1500 IP addresses reserved for the elite! Has it’s own OS RedStar and is severely restrictive and monitored by the state!




8. The Pleasure Squad!



The state enlists around 2000 young and attractive women, sometimes even schoolgirls, regularly to provide entertainment and sexual favors to high-level government officials.




9. Govt. sanctioned haircuts only!



The supreme leader has sanctioned a set of 28 haircuts, 10 for men & 18 for women, all the citizens are to abide by this template and no other hairstyles are legally allowed!




10. The Kim Jong-Il propaganda!



It is taught and propagated that when the previous leader Kim Jong-Il was born, there were 2 rainbows in the sky, a new star appeared, he learned to walk and talk before 6 months and also had the ability to control the weather according to his moods! They are elevated to the levels of Gods, literally!




11. No birthday celebrations on July 8th and December 17th



As these are the days when the supreme leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il dies. Anyone who is born on these days & before 1994 can officially change their D.O.B or the others can celebrate on a different date!




12. Wearing jeans is illegal!



Wearing jeans trousers is illegal in the North Korean cities of  North Hamgyong and Yanggang. This ban is to prevent people from being inflicted with western imperialism!




13. The Always-on radio!



Each and every home and business has a radio tuned to one particular government-controlled frequency, this cannot be turned off but can only be turned down!




14. Weird Motor-vehicles ownership act!



Only government officials and military personnel are allowed to own motor vehicles!




15. Labour camps and executions for not being upset enough!



Many citizens of N.Korea faced execution and were put into half-year labour camps for not being upset enough over the death of their previous leader Kim Jong Il!

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