Top Amazing Psychology Tricks You Should Know

It is very important to learn psychology tricks in life so that you can interact with people better and win over them instantly. These are some little things that nobody teaches us even though they can determine the success and failure in various scenarios. It is going to change your personality quite a lot and the following are those tricks you should start implementing.

1. Nodding Clue

This is one of the most effective ways to get an affirmative statement to your question. If you nod while questioning, the other person would interpret and reply ‘Yes’.


2. Detecting Lies

Body language plays a huge role in whatever we utter. So, if someone really wants to, he or she can detect whether the other person is telling the truth or not. When we are lying we usually do not use our body to express that. Additionally, we always seek approval of our lie in the eyes of the other person to confirm if the person has believed that lie.


3. Getting Satisfactory Answers

There are times when people do not give you a proper satisfactory answer what you are looking for. The best way to get all your information is just maintaining eye contact while keeping quiet. In this way, the other person’s brain will send a signal to talk more and you would get your desired answers.


4. Uttering Someone’s Name

If you often use someone’s name in conversations, they feel more valued. Naming the person while conversing with him or her will indicate that you care about and give importance to the person.


5. Be Straightforward

When it comes to critical situations, be direct and put your words in a natural way without any ornamentation or hesitation. It’s better to be straightforward and to the point sometimes without using other ways to get into the point. This will depict a clear image of whatever you want to say and the transparency will clear out all the doubt from the person’s mind.


6. Good Touch

Patting someone on the shoulder or shaking hands while conversing helps the other person to get a positive and warm feeling for you.


7. Giving A List of Choices

Presenting a list of choices to someone whom you want to be agreed for something is a very effective way. Give the person three options and put what you want him or her to choose at the bottom as experiments have proven that people go with the bottom one often.


8. Getting over Frustration or Anger

Draw straight lines or easy patterns to calm your anger. You can also paint some happy and cheerful images that would bring happiness to your mind.

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