What Are The Ways Magic Tricks Your Brain?

There is nothing called magic or miracle. Everything has science behind them and all a magician does is play with you at a deeper level. If you are wondering how you got tricked, the following is the list of the ways magic tricks your brain into believing them. In fact, there are some cheats who leverage these facts to cheat on you and you give into them willingly.

Charm And Oxytocin:

Many magicians use some humorous or tricky act during their magic tricks. The humor produces a chemical effect in the brains of the audience. In this way, the magicians make their audience charm and less likely to notice the tricks. The tricky puns of the magicians release the bonding hormone Oxytocin. So, people put their attention to the face or puns of the magicians which help them to play tricks to your brain with ease.

The After Image:

The brain plays the main trick here and magicians use it like a pro. After seeing on a black picture for a long time, whenever you shift your sight to the white wall, you will see the image on the black for a longer time. This trick is known as an after-image. Magicians generally utilize this trick to shift objects from one hand to another proficiently and you can only see the after-image of the object in the void space.

Predicted Wrong Future:

Prediction is one of the things that the brain continuously manipulates our thoughts. However, the brain has its memory-prediction framework which means, if we see a ball going up, and then our brain sends us the signal that it will come down. But, whenever a magician throws a ball up to make it vanished. Here, our brain gets shocked just because the prediction framework goes opposite of the action.

Misinformation Effect:

This is the most common trick the brain plays with use. By simply molding our thought magicians play their trick with success. However, they will ask you to choose a card from the left side of the deck and you have chosen one card without letting them know. Just for confirmation, they will again ask you whether you have selected your card. The simple playing with words, the magicians only let you select the card only from the left side of the deck and your brain is not able to catch the lack and finds this trick awesome.

Free Will:

The free will is actually not free; this is the ultimate trick where the magicians successfully play with our minds. It means if they offer you to choose a card from the decks according to your will. But actually they somehow manipulate their own choice in our mind without letting our brain know. Majorly all card selecting games easily control our mind and forcefully choose the card selected by the magicians.

Exogenous Attentional Capture:

The brain is obsessed with new things and receptors feel helpless when they witness new things. A pigeon flying out of the hat is an irrational scene and your brain will wander. This is how the magicians play the game with your brain. By feeding illogical actions like a fast and curving hand movement, they keep your brain excited by suppressing the logical part of it.


The concept of multi-tasking is a lie and magicians utilize this fact as their prime magic trick. Our brain is not able to process two things at the same time. So, magicians put our attention at only one point and the point is considered to be a spotlight in theory. Just like the spotlight keeps the background invisible, they pull your attention to the point they want you to focus and blurred other actions from your sense and continue the tricks.

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