Everything that is WRONG with the Glamorous World of Bollywood


It isn't all money, happiness, and glamor for the rest of your life in the world of Bollywood. All that you see on screen, be it the lavish lifestyle of celebrities, or their portrayal of them being the face of noble virtues. Some say that Bollywood is a can of self-serving sycophants packed and sold in a glitzy cover. Find out more about all that is filthy in the world of glitz and glamor.



1. Nepotism



This is nothing but a virus that runs rampant in the Movie industry as a whole, and especially apparent in Bollywood. If you are related to an established filmy family and you wish to become an actor/actress, then wish granted, easy peasy. But as we have seen, only the ones who have real skill stay at the top.



2.  Racism & regionalism



As we all know, Bollywood is obsessed with fairness and to be frank so are most of us Indians. Probably that is why we have "fairness creams" and ads that show that dark-skinned people not getting jobs or even admiration from the other sex. WTF to that, totally irrelevant!




3. Illicit connections



Often times Bollywood biggies are reported to have been involved with the underworld and the mafia. They have also known to have wiggled out of some of the tough times (legally speaking) they have had to face through these underworld connections.



4. Female & MALE casting couch



Although rampant throughout the glitz and glamor industry, throughout the world, it is somewhat an untold fact that people (newbies) are asked for sexual favors and in return, are promised that their careers would be "taken care of". You can't even dream of making it big without being compromised.



5. The plight of the side actors



On a side note, it is worth mentioning that the lower level actors, technical and other crew receive peanuts when compared to the biggies. The female extras are the worst hit, they become the victims of exploitation (sexual) and are then dumped when the biggies have had their share of fun.



6. Plastic surgeries tweaking appearances



Most of what you see as perfect faces and bodies in the movie industry are fake. It is either modified or completely changed to look better on screen. Natural beauty, intrinsic skills, acting, and others are totally ignored.



7. Rigged world



Many fake clubs and forums are created with paid up people to keep it alive and trending to boost the visibility and popularity of a particular actor. Most of what you see on "reality shows" are scripted and are thoroughly practiced. 



8. Fake faces the stars put on



Most of the celebrities and actors portray themselves are paragons of noble virtues, but in reality are just living in a world of deception, denial, treachery and double standards. Many actors have faced charges of serious criminal offenses and have walked away scot-free, all of this while highlighting their "charitable" work.



9. Unrealistic portrayal of the protagonist



Now coming to the actual movie scenes themselves. The protagonist is shown to be just short of god himself. He can do no wrong, and if he does, it is for the greater good, makes unprecedented sacrifices and worst of all doesn't get a single scratch on his body while fighting off hundreds of bad guys that conveniently, come one after the other. What makes it worse is that the masses like such fake heroism while don't give two shits to movies that actually make us use our rusting brains.



10. Inflated box-office numbers



The shattered box office numbers don't really represent the real numbers. Sometimes the producers make it so that it pulls more people to the theaters. Also, there are powerful hands operating in the shadows that make or break a person.


We hope that the next time you see a "big budget" movie, you'll make sure to remind yourself of all that happened in the background. Let us know what you think about these wrongs in the comments section below.



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