Things You Should Never Do When You Are In Bed With Your Partner

There are a lot of preparation men and women put before they go down in the bed. However, there are a few essential things they miss out that could affect their performance significantly. Going down in bed with your partner should be fun and spontaneous but you have to remember a few simple things so that your partner also enjoy your performance rather than hoping it is over sooner.

No Kissing –

Even though your ultimate goal may be penetration, you should not go for it at first. You never to prepare your partner and get him or her excited. Besides, it is more scientific to ready the body ready so that in the state of excitement, the pain of penetration will be a pleasure. Therefore, you never to be kissing a lot all the while even during penetration.

Biting Without Prior Information –

Biting is a way to express your excitement and love bites on different body parts is quite common. However, if you bite your partner out of nowhere, it could be extremely surprising and it may lead to pain rather than arousal. Besides, your partner can complain and break the mood. Besides, make sure that your partner is fully excited before you bite and do not bite in weird parts and go soft.

Putting Your Weight –

Never put your weight on your partner completely. Once in a while you can put it when you lose control but keep support on your arm and make sure the bed is extremely soft to absorb your weight. Otherwise, it will kill the excitement for your partner.

Climaxing Without Warning –

You should always warn your partner that you are reaching the climax before you throw it out. This is applicable for men and you should also take preparation not to reach the climax soon as women take time to reach that and it is going to put them off if you reach it fast.

Staying Quiet –

This is applicable for women where most of the women do not express their excitement through their facial expression or through sound. This is where the men start to doubt their performance and the excitement never peaks out. Therefore, you can say what you feel like with sweet nothings, make slight sounds, and most importantly, show your facial expression to encourage your partner.

Jokes About Intimate Parts –

Cracking jokes when you are making out with your partner is not a good idea. You should never be joking about the private parts because he or she will be totally embarrassed and will never be willing to take off their clothes. In fact, there could be major consequences in future in the relationship.

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