7 Most Horrifying Cases By Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed and Lorraine Warren are the two most popular paranormal investigators in the world. You must have seen them in the movies Conjuring and Annabelle. We all know that the cases they have investigated, you are so horrifying that they are worthy of making movies. Check out the 7 most horrifying cases they have been involved.


Snedeker House

In the year 1986, there was a family who moved from New York to Connecticut so that it will be easy for them to visit the hospital that was nearby as the treat of the eldest son of the family was going on who was suffering from cancer. This house was an old funeral home. They found strange equipment out there and found it be haunted. In one occasion one of the sons of the family found that water of the mop was changing its color into red.

Enfield Poltergeist

In between, 1977and 1979 single-parent along with two daughters were residing there. They saw astonishing things going around their residence. In one occasion they saw moving furniture thrown out and even the frames of the wall started making movements of its own.

The Perron Family

It was in the year 1970 perron family gone on to reside into an old farmhouse in Rhode Island. Very soon their dream house turns out to be the worst nightmare. Carlyon and some of his kids saw women wearing grey dress were lingering around the house. Later o, Ed and Lorraine starts an investigation and finds that women to be an old witch naming Bathsheba who offered her baby to the devil as a part of the sacrifice.


This doll is a permanent part of the Ed and Lorraine museum. In the year 1970, a girl naming Donna got this doll as a gift and very soon Donna and her roommate saw this doll to be moving in their apartment. Initially they thought it to be a prank but later on, with the help of a spirit, they found it to be a spirit of Anabella who died at the age of 7.

The Donovan Family

In the year 1970 Ed and Lorraine came across the Donovan family. When Lorraine made a visit to their house, there was a strange noise coming and running waters changed its color into red. The daughter of the family told the truth to them of a boy who died 10 years earlier through the spirit never revealed his name to her.

Smurl Family

After moving to West Pittson., this family had a bad time for the whole 13 years. The reality came to the scene when all the renovations were ruined. Fresh wallpapers were ruined and newly painted windows got many cracks on it. Lat3er on they come to know an ample number of spirits affected that house.

Demon Murder Trial

His tenant attacked a 40-year person with the knife at least 20 times. Before committing this crime Johnson went with his girlfriend and brother who says he was in problem by some spirits. Later on, with the help of Ed and Lorraine, they were able to demolish a number of 42 spirits from David’s body.


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