Shocking Ancient Alien Theories That You Will Not Believe

Aliens are something that always attract the attention of the people even though there are not yet proved. There are so many theories and explanations about aliens and their sightings that your brain is likely to go bizarre. Here are certain out of the world ancient alien theories that will blow your mind.

Alien Submarine

The story of Jonah being taken away by a whale is one of the more bizarre tales. Some people believe this to be a parody of Greek myth. Tsoukalos states that in some version Jonah notices that the ribs of the whale are gleaming bronze.

Pakal’s Rocket

The artwork on the lid of Pakal’s sarcophagus depicts an astronaut ascending into space on a rocket. Archeologists comment on the decorative sarcophagus lid and call it an example of classic Mayah art. Allegedly, Pakal’s hand is manipulating controls, his feet are on pedals, a breathing tube. And exhaust is firing from the bottom of the rocket.

Hybrid Creatures

More likely these creatures are the result of human imagination and not alien scientific experimentation. Some ancient astronaut theorists think these tales have an explanation-ancient alien genetic experimentation. Many ancient religious figures were hybrid creatures. Almost all Egyptian gods display animal heads on top of their human bodies.

Teotihuacan Is A Computer

Much of the site of Toltec city which is now Mexico City is given to religiously inspired temples and monuments. But theorists go further by pointing out that electricity-conducting mica was build in into some of the students. The theory also claims that some of the temples are processors but without much reason.

Sword In The Stone

Historians have been hard-pressed to find any evidence that King Arthur existed. The Celtic legend of a magical weapon, only movable one divine figure, is not necessarily unique. It is similar to the Norse god Thor’s hammer. The true story of King Arthur pulling a magical unmovable sword from the stone also had aliens.

Dendera Light

This one looks like the modern artifact to depict a light bulb. This theory begins with an image that allegedly depicts modern technology. It also looks like a depiction of Egyptian mythology and resembles an Egyptian version of the creation myth. These mainstream views match up as the base of the bulb is a perfect example of an Egyptian lotus flower.

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