14 crazy things that most of us do but don’t care to admit


1. That moment when you pretended like you were looking at an item closely when someone else was in the way of the item you actually wanted.






2. That moment you had a panic attack when you were still putting away change into your wallet and the cashier was already serving the next customer





3. When you pointed the remote at the TV like a f*cking sniper – as if that instantly recharged the dead batteries and tuned into your favorite show.





4. That moment when you're walking out the store without purchasing anything and telling yourself "I have not done anything wrong, I am not a criminal"





5. That moment when you actively made "PLANS" with your friends, when you know very well that you would still be sleeping and hit snooze for the 4th time, pretending to be having the plague!





6. That moment when you are browsing through social media and found that cute girl from the marriage you attended recently, again 2 hours later, you're looking at her cousin – Waoo she is damn HOT 





7. When your nose is blocked and runny, having remorseful, regretful recall of all the good times when your nose wasn't a clogged up drain.





8. That *blurry* moment when you turn down the stereo in your car to take a look at the street address better.





9. That one song, which you play again.. and again.. and again until you get sick of it!





10. Each night calculating exactly how many hours of sleep you would get if you slept now, and then panicking that you lost a few minutes doing it.





11. That over the top laughter you have when you have no idea what the other person said, and didn't want to look stupid in front of them.





12. Ever just said "Screw it!" and ate the candy with that bit of paper sticking on it's side?





13. That moment when you hear your own voice over the phone/recording and think "Do I sound like THAT?"





14. That one flex of your ankle in the wrong direction and you feel like it's the end of days for you!




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