Top 7 Forbidden Places You Cannot Visit

There are certain places on the earth where you are not permitted to visit. They are forbidden places and there are reasons for not permitting. Such places can be life-threatening as in the past, the places have caused life for many people. Learn about the mystery of these forbidden places and do not even try to go anywhere close to them in your dreams.

The Forbidden Island- Niihau

Nihau has its owner namely Sinclair’s successors Bruce and Keith Robinson and their family. This island in Hawaii is the home for some endangered species and its residences. The tourism is entirely prohibited and Niihau earns the name forbidden in the year 1952. The family of this island decided back then to restrict the entrance during the polio epidemic. The first owner of this place is Elizabeth Sinclair from King Kamehameha V in 1864.


Heard Island

This island is the connecting spot between Western Australia and Antarctica. The island is not technically forbidden rather is almost naturally forbidden. It means you cannot travel to this exotic place by plane or helicopter. This island has a tall and steep volcano namely Big Ben. The only wait to reach this place by boat and it takes about 2 weeks to reach there. This island does not have any permanent resident and it is almost isolated.


Morgan Island

Morgan Island of South Carolina is the habitat of 3500 Rhesus monkeys since the 1970s. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources shifted this species from Puerto Rico as they started outbreaks among the locals. The research center raises, feeds and takes good care of the Rhesus monkeys and uses them for life-saving researches. For the understandable reason, the research center restricts the visiting of the island to the commoners.


Pravcicka Brana

The beautiful natural arch stone is situated in Czech Bohemian Switzerland National Park. The giant arch stone makes this country very much famous and Pravcicka Brana was used for the shooting of Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The tourists are only able to enjoy the scenic beauty of this unique and fragile arch stone from a distance and at a price. So, walking on this fragile stone is forbidden as it can collapse by the pressure of the thousand feet of the tourists.


Bhangarh Fort

Marked as a legally haunted place in the world, Bhangarh Fort from Rajasthan, India is totally forbidden for visitors at nighttime. The officials of the Fort are afraid of the fact that people will go disappear and abducted by the restless souls of this fort. The rumor goes high around the fort. The locals say that a Wizard cursed the fort for all eternity.


Svalbard Global Seed Vault

All kind of private visiting to this place is entirely forbidden. The scientists are getting the world prepared if it faces any sort of tragic day and Earth may need a backup plantation. The vault imitates the bond villain lair design to keep the place entirely safe from the visitors.


Chernobyl Sarcophagus

After the nuclear plant disaster in Ukraine in 1986, the Chernobyl is an entirely forbidden area. The reactor 4 meltdown caused the tragic explosion. The reactor has a humungous concrete sarcophagus around it to keep the people out of the radiation. The old sarcophagus will soon get dismantled by 2023. So, scientists have developed a 354-feet tall steel structure namely New Safe Containment to prevent the reactor 4 from coming out.

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