7 Footwear Girls Must Have In Their Collection

Shoes are an important part of the fashion statement. Therefore, you should have a collection of different types of shoes so that they go well with different dresses you have. That is how you can make social media photos interesting and refreshing. The following list contains the footwear every girl must have in her collection so that they can put on a new look every time they step out of their houses.


A pair of sneakers is a must-have shoe for your relaxing and adventurous holidays. The versatile shoes match perfectly with any of your casual looks. From birthday parties to weekend parties, these pairs of sneakers light up your feet and bright up your day. This footwear is a great escape from those formal ones.


From cool beach days to late-night dinner date, the flip-flops are the ultimate definition of comfort. Flip-Flops are the most common pairs of footwear available in different styles and colors. You can also enjoy your shopping days by pairing up your dress with this super cozy footwear. These stylish pairs of shoes are available for both men and women. You can simply wash them off or remove the sand of dust like a breeze.


Cleats are the must-have footwear for sports enthusiasts. These pairs of shoes not only look stylish but also come with several functionalities. As this footwear comes with spikes, so you can have great traction in the sports fields. Usually, football or rugby fans enjoy collecting these shoes. However, these pairs look cool and funky.


Available for both men and women, sandals are the ultimate pick for summer. This cool-n-casual footwear helps you to walk and pair up with your dress freely. You can let your feet breathe by wearing sandals. The wide range of varieties on this footwear helps everyone to cope up with their individual styles and personalities.


Just like the oxford shoes, Loafers are the cooler and lace-free version of the oxford shoes. From formal to casual, these shoes blend with your every attire and help you to grab the attention of the crowd. You do not have to tie-down the lace every time you take off them. The slip-on design helps you to wear with comfort.

Ballet Flats

The fashionable yet traditional footwear is one of those special shoes that every girl likes to have in their collections. These pairs not only match with most of the special and casual dress-ups but also help you to stay cozy at any condition. This footwear has a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. So, you can easily add this pair to your footwear wardrobe.


In the criteria of classiness, no other shoes can take the place of heels for women. From social gatherings to the ramp, the heels add a different dimension to any lady’s personality. This footwear is not that much cozy to wear every time. But, occasionally you can wear to grab the attention of the mobs.

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