Tomboy to ravishing beauty..??? 11 incredible tips to follow in your lifestyle.


You may be a tomboy by nature but there is a girl hidden inside you and this is the universal truth that cannot be changed. However, the situation, company, and circumstance compel a girl to become a tomboy. It is not at all a herculean task to become girly again. There are some amazing tips that can bring that girl out inside you. Just give a try!!!!


1. Change the dressing style


This is the first and very important step in our list. Dressing sense of a girl reflects the personality of the person. So, you can try one piece dresses and skirts instead of jeans.





2. Change your footwear too


You have to change your footwear from sneaker to sandals and heels with proper combination with your dressing.  It looks girly and alluring to the viewers.





3. Remove unwanted body hair


This is a very important grooming tip. You should learn how to remove the unwanted hairs in your body to look fairer and clean. So, invest in waxing, razor or a hair removal cream.





4. Choose a feminine fragrance for you


The deodorants you use should have a pleasant girly smell like fruity or lavender. Apply some perfume on wrist and neck. Aroma of your body can act as a magic.





5. Take care of color


The color is the best priority. The color you choose should be girly like pink, red, and purple. Black is one of the most attractive colors to be those who have fair skin and should be paired with contrast colors.





6. Try makeup


An essential thing you must apply your facial makeup is CC or BB cream, Lip gloss, and eyeliner. Start with a light makeup and it will add a charm to your face.





7. Groom your Hair  


Don’t knot your hair tight. Make the hair free and leave it loose. Let the hair fall on your face and just feel the girl inside you. You will really look beautiful with your hair down and loose.





8. Get a proper Bra size


Take a suggestion from your friend or tailor to know your perfect bust size. Then you buy a bra that fits you so that your stuff will not look saggy and you will feel confident and girly





9. Choose the company of girls


You can learn every move of your friends and can learn the gestures from them. Take appointment in a beauty parlor to groom self with friends and spend some quality time with them.






10. Speak Politely


Yes, this is the most important point among all. Try to convey your speech in a sober way so that it can ultimately add an essence to your girly reformation.





11. Believe on yourself and explore the girl inside you


Try to be a girl. Try to change the way you speak. Be polite while speaking and avoid doing all aggressive hobbies. Always stay clean and organized in every activity.






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