Match Your Personality with These 9 Type of Underwear’s [Girls]


This article will definitely make you peep into your closet door and a look into your secret clothing i.e. panties. Your underwear choice can exactly reflect your personality. As your underwear is completely beneath your clothes, it’s completely your choice what to wear. This personal choice is enough to reveal your personality. Just go through the following underwear types and judge yourself.


1. Boyshorts


Your nature is of tomboy kind and never mind being sexy. You probably never like to dress up and wear randomly whatever is there. However, you are a very sporty girl who gives priority to comfort.







2. Briefs


If you wear briefs then you love the way you are. You don’t like any change in your life as well. These brief gives you comfort and relaxed from inside.





3. Granny panties


Granny panties using girls are very traditional and have an old soul. You never wanted to be trendy or fashionable. Apart from this, it shows you are introvert and timid.





4. G-String


You must be the sexiest girl in your group and you must be the most happening girl in the folks. You always keep yourself presentable and love parties and disco.





5. V-String



You must be the real sex bomb among your friends and have a hobby to look unique always. You love the company of boys mostly and are self-obsessed.





6. Seamless


You must be a career oriented and focused person. You don’t like those panty lines to be visible out of those formal pants or pencil skirts as you are busy with meetings and other events.





7. Thong


A thong wearing girl is very open-minded and confident about her body. You speak your mind and never minds what others think. You love people around you.





8. Bikini


You are very cute and friendly, and your looks make a guy feel you as a ‘wife material’. You are very romantic and loving which drives everyone crazy for you.





9. Commando


Ahan!!! Finally, the girl who doesn’t like to wear panty at all !! You are a real free spirit and don’t want to waste time and money in buying panties. You are very brave too.






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