Conspiracy Theories About Antarctica You Should Know About

Antarctica is the most mysterious continent in the world by far. Not because it is cold, covered with snow and ice and thereby inaccessible, it is because there are too many mysterious happenings reported over the years. Starting from UFO crashes, surfacing of weird icebergs, to various Google Maps sightings, Antarctica has been on the receiving end of multiple controversies. Here are the conspiracy theories going about Antarctica.

Who Built Pyramids In Antarctica?

It was in the year 2016 when the internet was shocked by finding three pyramids in Antarctica. It was of great height that was many times taller than the well-known pyramids of Egypt. This was very much shocking as till date there is no evidence of civilization existed there. Moreover, such construction of pyramids needs a lot of labors and resources to get the work complete.


A Secret Base?

There was a conspiracy that Nazis may have a secret base located in Antarctica. This is evident from the fact that the Nazis launched an expedition that includes many military ships. There Nazis found many caves which they turn it into the secret city to live in. there was also a rumor that Hitler set up this city for his living after losing the war.


The Lost City Of Atlantis!

They say that the lost city of Atlantis is under Antarctica. This belief became strong when one the famous historian says that Antarctica was home to some of the hidden ancient civilization.   The conspiracy theorists think these claims to be true in nature. They say that civilization was Atlantis that remains under cover of ice.


Rectangular Icebergs By Aliens!

The Rectangular iceberg in Antarctica is very strange in its shape. It is large in size and is clearly visible from the space as well. This looks like manmade than thinking it to be natural. It has got the name of the tabular iceberg and many of the conspiracies think this one to be created by aliens or human beings.


UFO Crash-Landed!

The conspiracy theorists think that some of the alien searchers may have got some of the proof that UFO crashed here. The searchers of aliens come to this conclusion after finding a trail with the help of Google Earth on its surface. This trail looks like the fallen peak of the mountain.


Google Knows About Antarctica!

One of the channel claim that Google knows some of the secrets about Antarctica which we don’t know. They claim that Google is hiding something from us. Furthermore, one of the employees was interested in revealing the truth to us. The channel says that a Red Cross appearance whenever he looks around the surface.


Antarctica Does Not Exist?

There is a conspiracy that assumes Antarctica and the South Pole do not exist. This belief is common among those ones who think that earth is flat. They think that Antarctica is a wall that covers our planet and assumes that the wall stops everything from falling.





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