7 Unexpected Things You Can Eat That You May Think Disgusting At First!

Eating habits differ from country to country and even from one community to another. However, there are always a few things that nobody generally eats because there are never considered edible. But some of those unusual things are actually edible and they are unique nutrients for human body. Check them wonder below and maybe give them a try.

Tree Bark

Since early ages, tree bark is been eaten by everyone and cinnamon is one of the tree bark which is consumed by most of them. There is a possibility that most of the inner bark of the tree is of immense use in making flours. Among these, pine tree bark comes with ample health benefits and is helpful in making your immune system stronger.


This fancy looking cockscomb is on the top of the chicken head. This is consumable and is appetizing. In countries like China and France, these cockscombs are of great use in garnishing many exotic dishes. This is of great use and is also helpful in solving many health-related problems like knee osteoarthritis


This eggshell has the capacity to be great fertilizer for plants. It is high in minerals that allow you to consume it as a calcium supplement. There are some preventive steps that one should take before consuming it. One has to be sure that eggshell is organic and needs to get it to bake before consumption.


This consumes able and easily passes into the digestive system without causing any harm. This is useful in decoration and many more deserts items. It is available in flakes and 24-carat gold is the purest form of gold that is extremely suitable for human beings to consume it.


Though it doesn’t have any type of nutritional values it is safe to consume. This is non-toxic and is a naturally occurring substance. Those people who consume it usually suffer from a condition called Pica that instigate people to crave for non-nutritional items and this type of situation arise when people goes through iron deficiency problem.



This is very famous among children and they always prefer to consume it. This is very soft and comes with different fancy colors. So, many manufacturers decide to make it safe for children to play with it. This is made of multiple materials like flour, food color, and water.

Bird Nest

This acquires a large part of China food industry. This comes with high nutritional values and is in high demand. This is made of bird saliva. Its harvesting comes with difficult challenges and turns out to be very risky that makes it costly. This is protein enrich and is anti-oxidant. It is useful in many food items and cosmetic products.


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