What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Human beings spend nearly 6 years of their lives dreaming. While most people do not remember what they dreamt about after waking up, there are many who retain their dreams because they saw someone familiar they know in real life. It could be their parents, loved ones, relatives, friends, celebrity, or someone they have come across in life. Though we still do not have the proper scientific interpretation of every dream, most people are convinced that dreams are meaning.

They convey something encoded in symbols. When you dream about someone, it is sure to have psychological significance. You may also write about your dream after waking up so that you can correlate and find intriguing significance. What does it mean when you dream about someone? Let us find out.



Dreaming About Your Family Members?


The most common object of dreaming is your family members because they are the ones you see more often in your life. But the dreams comprise them have very unlikely situations and hence, their interpretation becomes difficult. In such a scenario, you need to keep a diary and write down the events

Most of the times, dreaming about family members in unlikely events is a direct result of how your relationship with the members and your perception about the members are changing subconsciously. If you see too many negative dreams, you need to improve your relationship by interacting more and sorting the minor issue. Most of the dreams about family members either represent love and security or bitterness and jealousy.

If it is something about the past and surrounding a past event that has been settled, you should not pay much attention. But if it is something completely new, you need to note down and correlate. 



Dreaming About Someone You Have A Crush On?


When you are having a crush on someone, it is natural to think about him or her throughout the day and become completely obsessed. It is also natural to dream about your crush at night. 

But what you need to watch is what the guy or the girl does to you. If you dream that your crush is also liking you, it signifies that you are confident inside and you should probably take the next step in your real life to get into a relationship.

But if you dream your crush rejecting you, it means you are not confident and you are quite insecure inside. You need to wait and figure out the reason for your insecurity and you need to do everyone to cure that before taking the next step. Some also believe that a negative dream signifies that your two are not meant to be together in life. 



Dreaming About Someone You Are In Relationship With?



When you are in a relationship, your relationship becomes your life. Every step you take, you think about how you can make your relationship healthy, make your partner happy and everything else related to your relationship goals.

When you are away from your partner for a few days, you are more likely to dream about him or her. When you do, pay attention to your dream because it can reveal a lot of things that you may not be really aware of in real life. 

If the dream is about joy and happiness throughout, it means you are in the right relationship and your partner is likely to be your soulmate. It also means you have a deep connection that will make your relationship sustain in the long term. All you need to do is to let your relationship flourish naturally. 

But if your dream about having a fight with your partner or seeing your partner with someone and cheating you, you need to be serious. It reveals deep down you are insecure and you need to talk it out with you partner. The negative dream is just a warning sign that you need to find out the cause of your insecurity and rectify it. At the same time, keep your eyes open to events and the bonding of your partner with the other person you saw your partner with.You need to pay attention to your relationship and make it better in all possible ways to have the full satisfaction.



Dreaming About Someone Who Has Passed Away?


It is very common to dream about someone who has died recently. But against the popular believe most of such dreams are positive and comforting. The person might be back to offer some consolation especially when you are thinking about the person all day and night and completely devastated by his or her death.

If one of your parents has passed away and you could not say a proper goodbye, it is likely that he or she may come back to you through a dream. There have been cases where people have seen their parents in their dream giving them advice on a serious issue they are facing in real life. Most of such facts about dreams are true rather than a fragment of imagination. 

In some rear cases where the person was murdered, you might just dream about how someone got the killer, the place where his or her body is kept and shuttle details about the killer as well. You should take such clues seriously and make some investigation rather than disposing of them as mere dreams. You may also write them down. 


Dream About Friends?


If you are dreaming about a regular friend, you are mostly like to dream about something that exaggerates his or her personality trait and ability that you wished you possessed. It is a dream out of your suppressed subconscious thought. 

If you dream about your childhood friends, it shows you need some love and happiness in the current scenario of life. Your mind goes back to past memories when the present one is not that great. So, sort out the problem in present life and enhance your happiness. 

You are very likely to dream about your former friend who broke up with you or someone you don't like in life. Such dreams are natural and have no significance as such. 


Dreaming About A Celebrity?


We all worship celebrities of our choice. Dreaming about celebrities is rear but when you do, it does bring some significance with it. 

When you dream about the celebrities in your field of work, it signifies your inner desire to be like them. For example, you are a footballer and you worship Messi, if you dream about him, it is because deep inside you want to be like him. You can use it as a motivation and better your skill and achieve high goals. 

You are also likely to dream about a celebrity out of nowhere when you are highly depressed because certain things in your life did not go your way. It is a way your subconscious gives you the reason to be happy and joyful and wake up next day on a positive note


Dreaming A Sexual Act With Someone?



Sexual dreams are popularly known as wet dreams. Dreaming about someone you know in real life and having a sexual act with him or her is just a way to release your inner desire of sexual act with the person. It is important to note that you might not have thought or sexually attracted to that person at the present moment but you might have had fantasized about the person in the past which somehow gets realized through your dream now.

So take it on the face value, enjoy it and then forget about it. The person could be your friend, ex-partner or someone elder or younger as well. The next morning you will feel a sense of achievement and happiness of doing the unthinkable.


Next time you dream about someone you know, make sure you check out the significance and see whether they hold true. Until next time, keep dreaming wonders about someone you like to dream about.



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