9 Hottest Teachers In The World Whose Classes Students Never Miss!


It is said that a student's first crush is generally his or her teacher in the school. For some weird unknown reason, both boys and girls like to fantasize about their hottest teachers. Today, we are going to list the top 9 teachers around the world whose fame has spread like wildfire due to their hotness quotient. 



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1. Pietro Boselli




He is a Maths teacher in London who is also one of the top supermodels in the entire world. He has featured on the cover page of many popular fashion magazines, and girls just cannot take their eyes off him. He has been described as the sexiest Maths teacher in the world.




2. Lee Nayeong




She is a South Korean and is famous in her country as the best face that any teacher has. She has also participated in several beauty contests before taking up for a teaching job. She is 31, but it is hard to tell that from her looks. 




3. Gemma Laird




She is from Britain, and she used to do teaching job and modeling together. But her school teacher came to know about it, and they thought it is inappropriate for a teacher to wear lingerie and shoot photo and then come to school to teach. She was fired from her job for this reason, but she remains of the hottest teachers ever. 




4. Sam Worthen




He is an English teacher and a top model for the US. He teaches in the morning and walks the ramp at night. He is merely 25, and girls go gaga on him. He has walked several international fashion shows. He knows so many languages and impressing girls is almost nothing to him.




5. Jessica Vanessa




You must have heard her name because she is one of the beat twerkers int he world. She was a Kindergarten teacher, and she used to put up butt shaking videos that used to go viral. It was not taken very well by the school committee members, and she was forced to quit. She has millions of followers and earns her living by twerking and endorsing products. 




6. Emily Sanders




She teaches history, and she is the winner of Miss Somerset 2015. She is the perfect example of beauty with brain. She is a part-time teacher as she is also a student of Oxford University. 




7. Nicholas Ferroni 




He is also a history teacher, and he was one of the top 100 influencers in America. On top of that, he is one of the top 25 fit men in America. He is also the founder of a feminist club.  No wonders why the club would always be crowded.




8. Patrice Brown




She is considered one of the hottest teachers in the world because of her amazing curves. Her attire also caused a lot of controversies. No wonders why she won many teacher of the year awards when the students are voting. 




9. Oksana Neveselaya 




Oksana is a Maths teacher and her video of teaching maths in class went viral making her an internet sensation overnight. She has a stunning figure with eye-catching curves and her Instagram account is one of the most followed in the world. 



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